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Name S3 Medusa missile
UNID &itS3Missile
Level IX
Base value 250
Mass 300 Kg
Frequency uncommon
Damage thermo:4d12 (4-48) momentum6; WMD1;
Fire rate 40 (1.3/second)
Power use 100 (10MW)
Lifetime 20
Speed 30
Maneuverability unguided
Hitpoints 40
Launcher NAMI Heavy Launcher
Fragment: Missiles 12
Damage thermo:3d12 (3-36) momentum3; WMD1;
Speed 40
Lifetime 120
Maneuverability 2
Multitarget true

Game Description

“Soon after launch, the S3 Medusa explodes to reveal a dozen independently-tracking thermonuclear missiles. The S3 requires the NAMI heavy launcher.”

Community Description

Like three dozen angry snakes, this Heavy Missile packs on the pain with individual tracking missiles to hunt down masses of targets and give them a lesson on thermodynamics no enemy will soon forget.

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