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Name slave coffin
UNID &itSlaveCoffin;
Level 5
Base value 2500
Mass 500
Frequency rare
Station Buy Prices
Blackmarket Stations2125
Corporate Enclave (Maintenance)2250
Teratons (Rins)1000

Game Description

“The Sung Slavers of Jiang's Star transport their slaves in life-support canisters that keep their captive occupants in biological suspension.”

Community Description

These slave coffins are found in Sung Slave Camps (specifically, in the small friendly stations surrounding the main camp station), and sometimes in black market stations.

It is illegal to trade in slaves. You can either A. Sell them at a Black Market Station/Shipyard, and be instakilled on docking with a commonwealth base. B. Give them in tribute to the Sisters of Domina (Sanctum>Offer item) for sector data (Sometimes, if you then Contemplate at the sanctum), or for increased Domina Level and more Domina Powers. OR C.Set them free at any commonwealth station, where you may be rewarded by the freed slaves with items such as calligraphy scrolls or Longzhu Spheres.

This is the fastest way to get Domina Level, as even a few Sung Slave Camps will provide enough slaves to reach a high Domina Level.

If you dock at a commonwealth station, you will turn in any slave coffins automatically, even if you have a smuggler's cargo hold.

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