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Name Stargate Control Rod
UNID &itStargateControlRod;
Level 15
Base value 5000
Mass 100
Frequency notrandom
Station Sell Prices
Commonwealth Stations5500
Corporate Trading Post5500
Ringers (Rins)1000
Taikon Ventures (Rins)1250
Station Buy Prices
Commonwealth Colony4500
Corporate Trading Post4250
Teratons (Rins)5000

Game Description

“This Hyperglyph rod is used to program stargates.”

Community Description

This item is found on the Iocrym command ship near the Heretic gate, which must be destroyed first of course. This can be used with the stargate, thus activating the Heretic gate that leads out of the Human Quarantine zone, however the game ends here, since that part of the game is not yet finished.

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