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Name TM7 multitarget cannon
UNID &itTM7Cannon;
Level VIII
Base Value 120000
Mass 2000 (2.0 tons)
Frequency uncommon
Fire Rate 15 (4/second)
Power Use 50 (5MW)
Missiles Used
TM7 warhead
Damage thermo:6d12+6 (12-78) momentum4 WMD4;
Lifetime 12
Fragment: Missiles 3
Damage thermo:4d12+4 (8-52) momentum3; WMD3;
Speed 50
Lifetime 60
Multitarget true

Game Description

“Taikon's TM7 cannon launches warheads that split into three independent missiles. The cannon requires TM7 warheads.”

Gameplay Notes

This is the only weapon in default transcendence to use multitarget on a fragment. What this means is that the three frags will target on the three closest ships when it fragments. The range at which they can track targets is quite small, making this weapon uselessly short ranged even though the fragments have a range of 60 light seconds.

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