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Name Turbolaser cannon
UNID &itTurbolaserCannon
Level III
Base value 1500
Mass 1500 (1.5 tons)
Frequency Common
Damage Laser, 3d4 (3-12)
Fire rate 12 (around 5/second)
Power use 60 (5mw)
Lifetime 30


“One of the most popular designs by the Earth Industries Conglomerate, the turbolaser cannon is a cheap, powerful, and reliable weapon.”


A Tinker Gathering can use 4 turbolaser cannons and 50 credits to produce a dual turbolaser cannon. They can do this even if the weapons are damaged.

Note, Trivia, etc.

The name “Turbolaser” is of course a reference from Star Wars, one of the most worldwide-famous sci-fi fantasy movies.
In the Transcendence universe, this weapon is manufactured by Earth Industries, and only slightly heavier and more powerful than the standard laser cannon.
While the energy output itself is more than twice as powerful, the increased power consumption and slower fire rate makes this weapon a rather awkward choice.

About the weapon in Star Wars, see

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