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Name ZG24 Cluster MAG
UNID &itZG24ClusterMAG
Level VI
Base value 100
Mass 60 Kg
Frequency uncommon
Damage blast:12d6 (12-72) WMD3;
Fire rate 20 (3/second)
Power use 20 (2MW)
Lifetime 80
Speed 30
Maneuverability unguided
Hitpoints 20
Launcher MAG Launcher
Fragment: Missiles 20-28
Damage blast:4d6 (4-24) WMD3;
Lifetime 40
Speed 40-60

Game Description

“The ZG24 Cluster MAG is a cluster grenade that explodes into dozens of smaller hexagene explosives.”

Community Description

This MAG is basically a bigger, more powerful and more expensive version of the 800F MAG. The MAG itself deals very good damage, as do the individual fragments, which can number up to 28.

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