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Name 310A aegis auton
UNID &sc310AAegisAuton;
Class 310A aegis auton
Type auton
Score 390
Mass 2
Cargo Space 0
Max Speed 25
Thrust 30
Maneuverability 2
Wreck Chance 0
Plasteel armor X1
Hull plate ionizer
Laser cannon
Longreach I autocannon

Game Description

“This variant of the 300D is equipped with an anti-missile defense system.”


The 310A only has a Laser cannon for its main weapon, which may not seem useful, but it has a Longreach I autocannon (with a stronger weapon than the laser cannon) that automatically shoots at projectiles such as missiles. This auton can thus protect itself (and possibly help protect the player's ship) from missiles. It has the same armor and shields as the 300D.

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