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Ares Sentry

Description: Seemingly a station, this ship is seen to guard Ares Communes and Ares Shipyards. Not much can be said about it, except that it, like any other turret, can shoot with friendly fire off, meaning they can shoot through the communes and shipyards that they are guarding. Since they also carry the Ares positron cannon, they can pose a threat when not dealt with quickly.

Name Ares Sentry
UNID &scAresCannon;
Class Ares sentry
Type ““
Score 800
Mass 400
Cargo Space 0
Max Speed 0
Thrust 0
Maneuverability 3
Wreck Chance 50%
Light Tharsis plate X4
Ares positron cannon


Since it has no shield, light armor, and can't move, it is very to pick these off one by one, then destroy the station they were defending. You could even sit on an Ares shipyard for kicks once all of the sentries are dead. Then, you can destroy the shipyard from within, but make sure to have be fast in invoking I→A for Sustain so that the explosion won't destroy your ship.

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