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Centauri heavy raider

Description: This is a heavier ship used by the Centauri warlords to terrorize enemies. It sports an effective CLAW cannon or Heavy CLAW cannon

Name Centauri heavy raider
UNID &scCentauriHeavyRaider;
Class ““
Type heavy raider
Score 90
Mass 100
Cargo Space 10
Max Speed .13c
Thrust 100
Maneuverability 8
Wreck Chance 50%
Reactive armor X2
60% chance of Heavy CLAW cannon
40% chance of CLAW cannon


This ship is somewhat deadlier to the EI500 and the Sapphire than to the Wolfen simply by the nature of the ships lacking proper equipment to take them down. The heavy kinetic weapons can tear through the class I deflector and it starts out with the same armor type as the Sapphire as well, so it is advised to not engage this ship unless proper armor and weaponry can be found, preferably level III weapon and armor.

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