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The corsair gunship is the standard Charon ship that appears early game. As long as you know how to shoot, it will go down without much of a fight. Only deadly during swarms. Note: The Corsair II looks the same and is much more dangerous to ships with low-level equipment, though not as common.

Name Corsair-class gunship
UNID &scCorsair;
Class Corsair
Type gunship
Score 25
Mass 45
Cargo Space 5
Max Speed 25
Thrust 250
Maneuverability 4
Wreck Chance 20%
Ultra light titanium armor X2
Laser cannon


With weak armor and weapons, these are easy to kill by themselves. However, against low-level shields and armor, a swarm of these can do some damage if not killed quickly. Fortunately, they're very easy to kill quickly.

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