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Ferian warrior

Description: This cylindrical ship recalls the Phobos in terms of shape, and has firepower that, when en masse, is comparable to one. This ship spawns whenever a colony is threatened or destroyed by an enemy. The plasma cannon has a decent range, and is favored by those who like close range combat.

Name Ferian warrior
UNID &scFerianWarrior;
Class Ferian warrior
Type ““
Mass 2145
Cargo Space 20
Max Speed .22c
Thrust 12000
Maneuverability 3
Wreck Chance 60%
Heavy blast plate X12
Ferian plasma cannon


Make sure to keep out of range of the plasma cannon and/or have some plasma resistant armor. It's also very hard to dodge shots because of the spray effect and the speed of the ship, so be ready to run when needed.

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