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These ships can be found guarding Sapiens stations. They have a radioactive weapon, and radiation-immune armor.

Name Plague-class gunship
UNID &scPlague;
Class Plague
Type gunship
Score 180
Mass 50
Cargo Space 50
Max Speed 18
Thrust 120
Maneuverability 4
Wreck Chance 35
hardened reactive armor X2
actinide waste cannon


These ships aren't particularly strong, except for their radioactive weapon. You can only be irradiated if you have armor that isn't radiation-immune, and your armor gets hit by the weapon (i.e. shield is down or no shield and you get hit).

Note: These ships leave radioactive wrecks. Don't dock with them unless you have radiation-immune armor, or your ship will be irradiated, regardless of whether your shields are up or not.

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