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Scarab superfreighter

A huge, hulking ship with tissue paper for armor, the scarab superfreighter is what ferries many commodities from star system to star system. As a result, it is prey to pirates, but it is protected by Commonwealth militia if, for unknown reasons, it ends up past the edge of a star system and is attacked by pirates.

Name Scarab superfreighter
UNID &scScarabFreighter;
Class Scarab
Type superfreighter
Score 440
Mass 20000
Cargo Space 15000
Max Speed .06c
Thrust 2000
Maneuverability 20
Wreck Chance 100%
Advanced reactive armor X24, Non-critical X18
Slam cannon *omnidirectional
ICX missile defense turret


This ship is very weak, so make sure to be alert at all times when escorting this kind of ship. Even though it has some nonCritical armor segments, it will die if not attended to.

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