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A quatro of container habitats from the sidelines of the Rigel Battle Arena, joined by a cleverly disguised commonwealth slums station at the bottom.

Container habitats are small slummy stations found in the poor areas of the Commonwealth. If you donate items they like, they'll reward you with some location-dependent rumors or a pointer that may be useful. They have no random name scheme and are always labled as “Container Habitat”.

Donation Information


  • One helium rod does nothing
  • Two helium rods appears to be worth one point
  • A gain in points resulting in points < 5 gives you a rumor
  • Otherwise it gives you a specific help

Criteria Table

Criteria Item value per Donation Point
“* + Meds;” 50
“* + Illegal;” 250
“* + Lux;” 100
“* + Food;” 50
“f” (any fuel) 50


The rumors given by the container habitat are mostly flavorful minor tips about early encounters and situations.

Starton Eridani

  • “Watch out for Arco Vaughn. He is the most dangerous Centauri warlord; his heavy raider is protected against lasers and recoilless cannons. Avoid him if you want to live.”
  • “Arco Vaughn flies an enhanced heavy raider. His armor is protected against normal weapons; you'll need missiles to kill him.”
  • “Raisu Station is in trouble. The Centauri warlords have taken it over; don't go there unless you are armed and ready.”
  • “If you want to find Arco Vaughn, go to Raisu Station. Talk to the station master there. She will help you.”
  • “The Centauri warlords have many bases among the outer asteroids of Eridani; but if you go there, watch out: Arco Vaughn is there too.”

Rigel Aurelius

  • “The Slicer is the champion of the Arena! No one has been able to defeat him.”
  • “I don't watch the Arena games anymore; the Black Market has totally infiltrated the show and all the fights are rigged now.”
  • “I remember watching Kate Morgental fight in the Arena. She put on a great show! I don't know what happened to her; probably working for her father now.”
  • “Let me tell you a secret about fighting in the Arena: load up with missiles. Who cares about beams and whatnot; a good missile will cut through armor like a knife through Salmonite!”

Everywhere Else

  • “The Charon pirates are a menace. They have bases in almost every system and they prey on defenseless freighters.”
  • “If you need a contact in the Black Market find the Aleksany brothers; they're always doing business in some fancy hotel.”
  • “The anarchists don't bother us, but they really annoy the Corporations: they're always stealing their fancy ROMs.”
  • “Stay away from the Abbasid fortresses. Those fanatics will shoot you rather than let you get close.”
  • “The Urak warlords are another nutty group, but their armor and weapons are pretty good.”
  • “Hiro is the best hacker in the 'verse. He's created some fancy ROMs that even the cyber corporations can't figure out.”


When the habitat likes you more, they'll offer more specific help. Depending on what stations are in the system, this can include:

Option text Points Required Other Requirements Result
I need better equipment. 5 none Information about a random item you can loot or buy and a pointer to its location.
Where are the Centauri warlords? 10 still in Eridani Pointer to Centauri base if live one available
Where is Arco Vaughn? 20 still in Eridani, Arco alive Pointer to Arco's location
Is there a Korolov station nearby? 5 not in Eridani and system level ⇐ 3 Pointer to Korolov's location, if it exists
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