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atmDeleteEntry is not included in the Xelerus list.

Syntax (atmDeleteEntry atmtable atom) → unknown
Argument List atmtable: atom table from which entry is being deleted.
atom: integer that denotes the entry to be deleted.
Returns unknown: Possibly returns Nil?
Category atom functions
Description This deletes an entry from an atom table.


Example from alterecco's post

(setq a (atmAtomTable
  (list '(string hello) (list "5" " Print") (list 3 "World") '(8 "me"))
(atmList a)

Returns (0 3 5 8)

(atmDeleteEntry a 0) 
(atmList a)

Returns (3 5 8)

Deletes entry from position 0 of atom table.

IMPORTANT: atmDeleteEntry is not believed to work in Trans1.01!

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