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See itmGetName at Xelerus

Syntax (itmGetName item flags) → name
Arguments item: The itemStruct of the item you want to get the name of.
flags: The flags to determine what form of the name is to be used.
Returns The name of the item.
Category item, name
Description Returns the name of the item. You must provide a flag to indicate how you want the name formatted.


(itmGetName (itmCreate 0x4001 3) 4)

Returns the string “a segment of light titanium armor”.

Name flags

These flags are used for controlling the formatting of names of items, ships and stations.Flags can be added together to create a certain formatting, ie. 3 would be pluralized and capitalized.

1 - capitalize
2 - pluralize
4 - prefix with 'the' or 'a'
8 - prefix with count

Taken from name_flags

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