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Syntax (msnFind [source] criteria)
Arguments [source]: Optional field; a spaceobject to search for missions from. eg. gSource.
criteria: criteria list
Returns list of mission objects
Category mission_functions
Description Returns a list of missions matching the criteria.


(msnFind "a +commonwealthHabitat;")

Returns only active player missions with the “commonwealthHabitat” attribute.

msnFind Criteria

*                  Include all missions states
a                  Include active player missions
o                  Include open missions
r                  Include already debriefed (recorded) missions
u                  Include unavailable missions
S                  Only missions owned by source
+/-{attrib}        Require/exclude missions with given attribute
+/-ownerID:{id}    Require/exclude missions with given owner
+/-unid:{unid}     Require/exclude missions of given unid

Mission Types

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