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objAddItemEnhancement has no entry in the Xelerus list.

Syntax (objAddItemEnhancement obj item enhancementType [lifetime]) → enhancementID
Arguments obj: ???.
item: ???
enhancementType: ?Arbitrary string naming enhancement. If blank it can stack with itself?
[lifetime]: ?Optional lifetime of enhancement in ticks.
Returns enhancementID: ???.
Category item
Description ?Adds an enhancement to any object?.


Example code taken from UsefulItems.xml

; Enhance!
(block Nil
    ; Add enhancement
    (if (not (objAddItemEnhancement gSource theShields enhancementType theLifetime))
        (objSendMessage gSource Nil "The crystal has no effect")
    ; Identify the item
    (itmSetKnown gItem)
    ; Remove ROM
    (objRemoveItem gSource gItem 1)

See also shpEnhanceItem

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