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See objGetOrderGiver at Xelerus

Syntax (objGetOrderGiver spaceObject [destroyReason])
Arguments spaceObject: The space object that you want to get the order giver from.
destroyReason: ?
Returns spaceObject: The order giver.
Category orders, spaceobject
Description Gets the space object that gave a order to the passed in space object.

Note: Order giver is set only by objCommunicate and orders that assign the ship as a subordinate to another object.


  • “”
  • “damage”
  • “runningOutOfFuel”
  • “radiationPoisoning”
  • “self”
  • “disintegration”
  • “weaponMalfunction”
  • “ejecta”
  • “explosion”
  • “shatter”
  • “playerCreatedExplosion”
  • “enteredStargate”
  • “custom”
  • “gravity”
  • “powerFailure”
  • “ascended”


(eq (objGetOrderGiver gsource) gPlayerShip)

Returns whether the calling space object has been given an order by the player ship. Return to Functions list

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