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Re: BOMs

It's looking good. I have not read it thoroughly, but I *do* think that mentioning BOM is a bit too much.
I mean, is it really an issue? I am just concerned that it will confuse more than help, at the stage most
people reading this tutorial will be. Most people under a certain age, or non-programmers will never have
heard of BOM, and happily so - alterecco
I have had long and hard struggles with the BOM in my time. If any of the users want to include Japanese
or other languages not covered by ASCII they will want to use Unicode and the BOM will be lurking to
trip them up. I will reword it to make it clearer that most people won't have to worry about it. ptbptb

Re: <ListOptions>

i think you got it wrong with

               dataFrom=   "player"
               list=      "*U"

note the close tag

               dataFrom=   "player"
               list=      "*U"
                /  >

you shoulnd need the


since the / closes the tag after the data is read

I'm not with you here. The original ListOptions in Tinkers.xml is
    dataFrom=	"player"
    list=		"*U"
as shown. The /> is needed because there is no </ListOptions>.
As I need to add code inside the list options element
( <ListOptions> … code goes here … </ListOptions> ) it needs
an explicit closing tag and the /> is changed into a > on the opening tag. ptbptb


<RandomItem count="3d6" 
				criteria=		"aswd -NotForSale;"
				level=			"7"
				levelCurve=		"2"
				damaged=		"100"
<Station type="&stCommonwealthTurret;" imageVariant="2"/>
<Ship chance="10"	count="1" class="&scSapphireYacht;" orders="gateOnThreat"/>

And the <globals> can go anywhere in the file as long as they are inside <TranscendenceExtension>(here)</TranscendenceExtension>

oh and to overwrite vanilla items use the unid for them defined in the Transcendence.xml


You're right about the UNID. Thanks for reminding me to change it here. ptbptb
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