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Changes in XML elements between 0.99c and 1.0 RC1

FIXME This is *very* rough draft. Please contribute.

  • Two new system events (can be used with objRegisterForSystemEvents)
    • OnSystemWeaponFire
      • aWeaponObj - the ship firing the weapon
      • aWeaponUNID - unid of the weapon being fired
    • OnSystemExplosion
  • three new OnDamage* events
    • Seems like they are used on the items causing the damage
      • OnDamageShields - the damage returned is the damage applied
        • aDeviceItem - The device being damaged
        • aDamageHP - The initial damage rolled
      • OnDamageArmor - the damage returned is the damage applied
        • aHitPos - position of hit
        • aDamageHP - initial damage
        • aHitDir - direction of hit
      • OnDamageOverlay - Would seem to have the same vars as the others
  • onObjUpdate: needs to be tested, probably only works on space enviroment types
  • provides aObj
  • New AI attribute aggressor=“true/false”
  • New attribute in the Relationship tag, mutual='true/false'
  • Ship tags inside of <Ships> elements can now contain a <Names> tag
  • Ships can now inherit from a base ship class, using the inherit attribute
  • OnDamage provides a aWeaponType variable (weapon UNID)
  • New <OverlayType> element (which seems to be quite complex) works with objAddOverlay function.
  • New attribute on items, useKey which can assign a key to a usable item, even if it has a screen associated with it (using the useScreen attribute)
    • This probably means the <Invoke> block has changed
  • ItemType attribute: useInstalledOnly/unInstalledOnly.
  • <Names> has new attribute personalName='true/false'
  • <Action> elements have a nextKey='1' and a prevKey=“1” attribute. Wonder what that does.
  • The <Canvas> element is quite a mouthful - works with canvas functions.
    • attributes: left, top, right, bottom
  • <EnhancerDevice> has been completely revamped. In particular the new attribute “criteria” that gives extreme flexibility in enhancing items.
  • <Relationships> is a new child for <Sovereign>, where it's possible to specify the disposition of other sovereign.


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