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From the XML'd elementDocument

<ListOptions Attributes="dataFrom,list,initialItem" />

ListOptions is a child element of <DockScreen>

For actual example of use see a mod like Conduct no-buy.

<DockScreen UNID="&dsExchangeBuy;"
		name= "=(objGetName gSource)"
		type= "itemPicker"
		backgroundID= "&rsItemListScreen;"
			dataFrom=	"station"
			list=		"fmtuvrd~was"
	... etc. ...

Sub elements and attributes

  • dataFrom

One of “station” and “player”.

This denotes where the list items are to be found.

  • list

A string built up from the following elements.


  * all categories
 a armor
 d device (weapon, shield, drive, etc.)
 f fuel
 l launcher weapon only
 m missile
 r reactor
 s shields
 t miscellaneous
 u useful (armor coating, ROM, etc.)
 v drive
 w weapon (including launchers)


 I is installed
 D is damaged
 N is not damaged
 S is usable
 U is not installed

A ~ before a letter means not. e.g. w~l = Weapons, but not launchers.

After a string of the codes given above you can also include a number of modifiers that the item must (or must not) have.

“U* +info; -id”

Include all categories of items, as long as they are uninstalled. They must have the modifier 'info' but not have the modifier 'id'.


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