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 +Discuss this page on this page's [[Lookup Talk Page|Talk Page]].
 +FIXME Please correct any inaccuracies.
 +From the [[|XML'd elementDocument]]
 +  <Lookup Attributes="chance,count,table" />
 +Lookup is a child element of [[<Table>]] or of [[<Group>]] (itself a child element of <Table>).
 +For actual example of use you can see Transcendence.xml (one pasted below) or one of a large number of mods.
 +... skip ...
 +          <Group chance="15">
 +              <Lookup count="1d4" table="&trMiscItems1;"/>
 +              <Lookup count="1" table="&trUsefulItems1;"/>
 +          </Group>
 +          <Lookup chance="10" count="1d6" table="&trMiscItems1;"/>
 +          <Lookup chance="5" count="1d6" table="&trMiscItems2;"/>
 +      </Table>
 +  </ItemTable>
 +===Sub elements and attributes===
 +  * chance: (Optional) %chance of the lookup being done from that Lookup element.  When specified the total of the chance attributes of all the elements inside the <Table> element equals 100%.
 +  * count: How many times to look up from the table.
 +  * table: An [[<ItemTable>]] containing the criteria, level and level curve used to select the items.
 +A list of the item lookup tables defined in Transcendence.xml can be found easily by searching on the string '<ItemTable UNID="&' (but I have also pasted it into the [[Lookup Talk Page|Talk Page]])
 +Go back to list of [[..:XML|tags]]
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