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This is only used for 'adventures'. That is to say files that go in the extensions directory to provide an alternative game start (with new system topology, etc.). It is not included in the Transcendence XML'd elementDocument.

Basic Properties

UNID= This is the UNID of the adventure. All adventures and extensions must have a globally unique UNID.

name= This is the player-visible name of the adventure.

apiVersion= This is version of the API that the adventure wants to use. As of version 1.08e this value must be 12. If you wish to use an earlier version of the API then you must use the older version= property. See: API version.

release= This is currently reserved for future expansion. It must be set to a value of “1”.

credits= This optional property is a semicolon-separated list of names; these are the people credited with creating the adventure.

Older Examples

Actual examples of this in use can be seen only in Adventure extension mods. In similar way to <TranscendenceExtension> it contains every element used in an adventure extension xml file.

The following is taken from longway.xml.

    UNID=         "0xDF40000A"
    version=         "0.99c"
       UNID=      "@1"
       name=      "Long way to go"
       backgroundID=   ""
    <Node ID="SE" rootNode="true">

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Child elements and attributes


See also <TranscendenceExtension>

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