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Wiki Rules

Any pages found not to be in compliance will be either edited or deleted.


  • Do not create dangling pages (pages that are not linked to from anywhere): they are hard to locate and take up space
  • Do not create joke pages
  • Do not create user pages on a whim (I don't understand what 'whim' means here. People should be free to create their own page under community:user:a_person now, right? —Weaver)
  • Do not create place-holder pages: only start on a page once you are ready to start on that page.
    • Don't even do this to make red links green, as it defeats the point of the color coding.
  • Do not create pages that have no relevance what-so-ever to transcendence
  • Do not create pages on small mods – even for big mods, please discuss the creation of a page first on IRC.
  • Member pages ARE NOT MySpace or Facebook profile pages: they are for information relevant to the member's position within the community


  • Use only proper English: avoid slang terms, acronyms [unless already defined within that page or commonly known], and foreign languages.
  • Use proper grammar.
  • Do not use inappropriate language on the wiki. It looks unprofessional.
  • Avoid speaking in first or second person, except when appropriate [such as narratives for “the captain's primer”].
  • “1337 5p3Ak” is not allowed.


  • Only post opinions on use of items/combat against ships/stations and other such gameplay related opinions if you are knowledgeable in the game's balance.
  • Do not post opinions on non-gameplay related topics, unless it is truly appropriate.
  • Statistics should always be accurate.
  • Information on the page must be clearly and obviously relevant to the game, modding the game, or the game's community.


  • We reserve the right to delete any page or undo any edits which we deem to be inappropriate content for this wiki (by inappropriate, we mean content that is not directly and obviously related to the game Transcendence, modifying the game, or its community, or any other content which would not be befitting of the wiki, at our discretion).
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