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The full changelog for Transcendence, as provided by george.

The notation #xxx (eg.: #512) refers to tickets on the tracker.

1.1 (15 Dec 2012

1.07 (27 Nov 2011)

The changes below that don't have their own link are outlined here

Repeat last command function in the console. (up arrow)

Support for structures in TransLisp (see release post for details)

Built in capabilities of ships are now known as “equipment” (targeting computer, visual enhancement)

Added <OnGlobalObjDestroyed> which gets called whenever a ship or a station is destroyed

Added <OnSystemObjAttacked> and <OnSystemObjDestroyed>

When an object is destroyed, the items for that object are called will <OnObjDestroyed>.

Revamped the <Language> element

Added a small new mission to St. Kats

#678 sysStopTime only works once

#648 damaging players armor through script will cause RFoD

#684 objSetOverlayRotation seems to require a hidden argument

#465 Ares plasma archcannon is also worthless

#469 Ares positron cannon needs buff

#472 rotation offset (x&y, though y is much more important) for thrusters & firing points

#502 Sound file continues to play even after returning to main menu

#570 Galactic Map Panning Issues

#592 Transparency does not work on wrecks

#639 CSC's wont arrest you unless you have a military id

#681 LinkedFire and firearcs is not a good combo

#710 Destroying gSource inside of OnFireWeapon causes a crash

#187 non rotating overlays

#679 aimTolerance for ship-side configuration specification

#680 more variables <OnSystemWeaponFire>

#687 objCriteria to only match playership

#694 [Sandbox] objSetDefaultCurrency

#704 aDestNode in OnPlayerLeftSystem

#488 Generic dockscreen for destroyed autonomous/uninhabited/alien/beast stations

#691 fncHelp for objUnregisterForSystemEvents seems wrong

#692 duplicate help string for shpMakeBlind

#695 enhancement 0x0Ayx bug

#55 unid in criteria

#579 stable sort function

#635 Borers should have a little ore loot [Atmospheric enhancement]

#677 inline function for rowHeight

#685 New function suggestion: objRayCast

#688 add 'welcomeHint to plyEnableMessage

#455 Dwarg Master Drive Exhaust not comming from very end of ship

#468 Pteravores need custom destroyed dockscreen

#484 You get “pteravores damaged ship” message even if they do no damage

#485 Iocrym outposts (once destroyed) use inappropriate dockscreen (like pteravors)

#700 1.06a error in maintenance level pre-selling screen

#689 linked fire in weapon descriptions

1.06a (1 July 2011)

The changes below that don't have their own link are outlined here

Fixed a crash bug while passing through gates [anti-corruption code fix]

Fixed a bug with enhancing armor with nanos (potential crash bug)

Added stealth= attribute to stations

Item charges are now 32-bits

When insurance stations spawn, they are unique in the system

#678 Fixed a bug in sysStopTime

#684 Fixed objSetOverlayRotation so it doesn't require an extraneous argument.

1.06 (15 June 2011)

The changes below that don't have their own link are outlined here

Support for currencies

linkedFire attribute on weapons

Weapon positioning code (objSetDevicePos, objSetDeviceFireArc)

GetOverlayType event on weapons

Particle-type weapons (like the PK25 Morning Star) now honor the maneuverRate= attribute. This allows for tracking particle-type weapons

New effect type called <Beam>, which allows any missile to appear like a beam

Weapons (and shields) have a new idlePowerUse= attribute which (optionally) specifies how much power a weapon or shield draws while idle

Added shpGetAISetting and shpSetAISetting to dynamically change the AI combat parameters

Stations no longer have to specify maxHitPoints or maxStructuralHitPoints

Expanded the set of sovereign alignments Forum Post

New <ImageComposite> element on stations

Items that Teratons steal from the player have a 90% chance of surviving after the Teraton station is destroyed

Increased the chance that armor segments will survive for ships with lots of segments (e.g., Iocrym)

Decreased the probability of insurance station spawns

New Victoria arcology has more hit points

#654 Secondary weapons fail to target correctly

#340 CSCAntarctica doesn't fire back

#509 function to make the AI override friendly fire protocols

#676 Sequencer object memory leak

#675 Bad error message if a type has UNID of 0

#674 Potential crash bug

#673 Interaction attribute on missiles does not seem to work.

#672 <GetGlobalAchievements> event fires even for Adventures that aren't loaded

#671 <SystemTopology> not loaded in Extensions

#670 Ship controller memory leak

#652 Old particle effect (heretic radiation particles) crashes game

#644 [HelpMe111] Crash & Corrupted savegame

#650 Colors for beam effects

#473 Shockwaves only 'hit' a single object a maximum number of times

#544 Default Language element on baStdWingmanBase

#663 [request] Add attribute to stationsTypes to remove shot interaction

#664 enumWhile should not run expression if test evaluates to nil

#665 fncHelp for enumWhile is wrong

#79 lnkRemove and it's third argument

#204 Inconsistant behavior of minfirearc and maxfirearc

#575 optional duration for sysStopTime and addition of sysStartTime

#636 more attribute fields should accept ranges

#659 useing (scrExitScreen gScreen 'forceUndock) in <OnPaneInit> causes crash

#478 Korolov escort to occupied station

#597 recoil with syscreateweaponfire

#615 Player recieves blame for actions of escorting [different case than wingmen] ships

#108 onFragment event

#251 add <OnGlobalLoad>

#587 “Unknown root element” error should be made a bit more clear.

#629 Intro screen system attribute

#611 stk Arcology will not arrest you for destroying all but one of its segments

#534 sysCreateStation dosen't take spaceObjects for position

#621 Ringer rins message screen does not show

#221 gaian demolition cannon bug

#620 add plyEnableMessage

#630 actions added with scrAddAction can not be manipulated

#623 Installing 0HP armor on player causes weird behavior + crash

#632 itmSetKnown can crash the game

#637 V300 Powered Armor description is off

#530 Add a few complimentary <keymap> commands to settings.xml

#529 Add functionality from command line switches to settings.xml

#642 'compact' variant for custompicker and itempicker screens

#600 Inconsistent weapon switch behavior

#634 Weapons with an alternating config stat don't disply stat right

#386 Show current configuration (w/ enhancements) in stats menu

#613 If no playerships meet criteria in adv ext, game will CTD, no error

1.05 (12 March 2011)

NM900 missile pod capacity raised from 12 to 36.

AutoDefenseDevice now has a targetCriteria attribute which can be used to select objects other than missiles

Object criteria now take three additional selectors: 'b' selects beams; 'm' selects missiles; 'X' selects objects that are targeting the source

objResume takes an additional optional gate object. When the object resumes it will appear at the given gate object as if it had gated in

Added objIsDeviceEnabled

Added <OnEnable> and <OnDisable> events for devices

Added <OnReactorOverload> for reactors

#571 HP-enhanced armor not repairable past original hp limit

#580 scrAddAction does not support closures

#593 Domina powers are single use

#606 Sell Items action in Dock Screens causes error

#489 CSC is defenseless against a xeno worldship

#569 LRS Background Mask is Screwy

#586 unionized equipment does not appear to save correctly

#594 hexadecimal notation for aScreen in OnGlobalPaneInit

#618 docking bug

#474 make ships a valid ICX-type device target

#577 Old-style reactor fuel limits don't work at all anymore

#581 (typGetDataField … 'fuelCapacity) returns wrong criteria

#584 Decon doesn't trigger at St. K's arcology

#590 +Unknown is treated as ionized

#595 Unknown enhancements are being applied to things

#603 Docking problem Piloting

#607 no binding for gPrevScreen

#16 checking if device is disabled

#22 onEnable and onDisable

#516 <onreceatoroverload> event for items

#550 Added fuelCapacity data field to item types

#604 Support for multiple simultaneous target types on ICX-type devices

#605 Add “asteroids” as valid ICX-type device target

#578 “Content Expected” is a confusing error message

#602 Typo in Katami's speech

1.04 (22 December 2010)

Stations now regenerate ammo

DockScreen Enhancements

Image Items Separated

Topology Enhancements

Initial Topology Map UI

lnkAppend accepts nil (or unbound variable) as first parameter

#483: on crash, transcendence should not overwrite old game with crash-save

#497: Cannot open XML stream error should give file names

#508: Virtual ship + radius damage = crash

#352: Time-Stopped player gets frozen after gating

#457: Making disruption a workable mechanic

#470: Radiation kills not attributed to user of radiation weapon

#490: Container habitats should not have CW police/customs

#517: (or nil (list)) returns nil

#519: Station table chance values not checked on startup.

#536: NIL: Inconsistant results with math functions

#537: Math: Power of zero returns 0 instead of 1

#327: dockscreen inheritance/adding actions externally

#329: <names> tag inconsistancy between ships and items

#407: Domina powers don't work if ticks in game so far < recharge ticks

#417: OnGlobalShowScreen

#448: Show what table could not be found when table not found in <lookup>

#454: (scrDefaultAction screen id) and (scrCancelAction screen id)

#463: comments not permitted between doctype and root element

#471: adding an aArmorSeg to <onDamage>

#514: csc terra doesnt fire back if player attackes it

#525: Huygens can be killed with impunity via Autons

#527: Add fields to typGetDataField

#545: Wingmen kills do not count towards the player's score

#546: Error when comments are inside DOCTYPE declaration

#547: inventoryAdj attribute on <Trade>

#548: New function: objIsRadioactive

#549: Attribute matching should be case-insensitive

#550: Added fuelCapacity data field to item types

#551: Added fuelCriteria attribute to <ReactorClass>

#553: Added +canBeDamaged:true to item criteria

#554: Added <OnGlobalUniverseCreated>

#555: New function: shpOrderImmediate

#556: New ship order: attackHold

#557: <StationTypeResource> is no longer used

#558: Changed some items to have the proper manufacturer attribute

#559: Deprecated backColor attribute on images

#560: CSCs now sell 1GW reactors

#561: Wreck-clearers should not dock with radioactive wrecks.

#562: “Added ”“no friendlies killed”“ conduct”

#563: “Added ”“no Domina powers used”“ conduct”

#564: Add data fields to determine devices and armor of a ship class

#115: ItmSetUnknown or an argument to itmSetKnown that reverses it

#362: get ship class from ship wreck

#372: sorting of 'Use' interface

#378: Show current credits & mission pay in stat screen

#411: Set source for station ItemPickers

#431: corp cruser goes after old player ship after player destroys corp station and changes ship

#443: Korolov confiscates, as opposed to frees, slaves

#450: If Korolov is Corporate, they shouldn't confiscate

#491: “typo in Transcendence.xml: ”“<Moduel filename=”“StdDevices.xml”“/>”“ - Doesn't seem to affect anything though…”

#521: built in map function

#522: Score Screen - Arrow Keys

#541: A quick few more Device fields for typGetField

#552: Added L:x-y syntax to item criteria.

#565: TypGetDataField: Ships' Default Reactor Data

#400: hexacarbide description says P-250

#402: Donating at CSC shows in stats as standard CSC mission; maybe new category is better?

#408: Text in ringer refuel screen overlaps refuel number

#494: light reactice armor is sorted under level I, marked as a level II

#496: Slaves not confiscated upon arrest of player for slave trade

#505: Inconsistent indentation on the Nephron X1

#518: allow nil in errblock

#520: typo in the name definition for neutronium ore

1.03 (29 August 2010)


#322: In Heretic, MRAD probes are destroyed if base is destroyed.

#355: Defective auton now reads 200A (instead of 300D).

#436: Fixed error message in stats (eq arenaRank “allDestroyed”). [Thanks to Wolfy]

#442: Typo: “engraved marking” → “engraved markings” [Thanks to Wolfy]

#462: Fixed crash when root element is invalid.

Fixed regression in which events were not being saved properly.

Fixed regression crash when typing 'N' in intro screen. [Thanks to digdug]

Fixed a bug in Teraton table (fuel ore was not counted). [Thanks to PM]

Fixed bug in stats in which missions show up as “Nil/Nil”.

Fixed bug which caused Fleet missions to not show up in stats.

Fixed regression in which debug mode button failed to work.

Fixed a bug in which player ship doesn't consume fuel after switching. [Thanks to Prophet]

Fixed a bug with switching ships in which enemies start to escort the player. [Thanks to Prophet]

Fixed a bug in which mouse coordinates were wrong in windowed DX mode. [Thanks to bimbel]

Typo: “After a trail…” → “After a trial…” [Thanks to SiaFu]


#295: Added resCreateImageDesc function.

#314: Added randomTable function.

#346: Added <OnPlayerEnteredSystem> and <OnPlayerLeftSystem> for stations. [Thanks to sdw195]

#349: Added <GetMaxHP> event for armor. [Thanks to sdw195]

#416: or function returns the first non-nil expression (or nil).

#416: and function returns the last expression (or nil).

#447: Added <LevelFrequency> to system types. [Thanks to Prophet]

Added <SystemPartTable>.

(int) function on Nil now returns 0 (instead of Nil).

Added “ammoType” data field to weapons. [Thanks to Atarlost]

Added “variantCount” data field to weapons. [Thanks to Atarlost]

Added syntax for specifying the data field for a weapon variant.

Added isPlayerClass:true as special attribute. [Thanks to Prophet and alterecco]

Added autopilot attribute on <PlayerSettings>. [Thanks to Prophet and alterecco]

Added 'turnTo order (specify angle). [Thanks to Wolfy]

Added “configuration” data field to weapons. [Thanks to Atarlost]

Added “isAlternating” data field to weapons. [Thanks to Atarlost]

Added “repeatCount” data field to weapons. [Thanks to Atarlost]

Added “sound” data field to weapons. [Thanks to digdug]

Added sysPlaySound function. [Thanks to digdug]

Added maneuverRate attribute for missiles to control max turn angle.

Tracking weapons with images no longer constrained to image facings.

Allow modules in extensions

<OnPlayerEnteredSystem> called at start of new game (consistent with <OnGlobalPlayerEnteredSystem>).

Added “extends” attribute for extensions (extension only loaded for given adventures) Forum Topic

Added “debugOnly” attribute for extensions

When loading a game, load only extensions that the saved game requires.

objGetArmorType now returns a type (instead of CArmorClass *). [Thanks to Atarlost]


#424: Ares positron, positron lancer, and Xenophobe lancer, all have interaction=0. [Thanks to Atarlost]

Hyperion reactor now has Military attribute. [Thanks to PM]

NM900 missile pod now has Disposable attribute. [Thanks to PM]

Arena gladiators use KM550s instead of XM900s. [Thanks to Wolfy and Atarlost]

Increased power consumption of RK15 to 6MW (to match PK15). [Thanks to Wolfy]

Ares capital ships no longer retreat when shields drop. [Thanks to Wolfy]

Defective auton has lighter armor.

Ferian warriors spawned to attack others are no longer hostile towards the player. [Thanks to Wolfy]

Ferian warriors now spawn even if attacked by neutral sovereigns.


Missiles now have 40 facings.


Added count of psionic items offered to Domina.

Added count of slaves offered to Domina.

Added count of enemy stations destroyed.

Added count of friendly ships destroyed.

Added count of friendly stations destroyed.

Added time played stat.

Removed listing for more powerful enemy ship destroyed.

Added optional setting to post stats to Xelerus.


#392: Targeting box now uses same colors as LRS.

Added shortcuts for enable/disable device menu. [Thanks to Atarlost]

1.02 (17 July 2010)


If you press F2 anytime during the game (or in the Intro screen, when you have a saved game), you get stats about the game.

Extensions can add more stats by handling the <GetGlobalAchievements> event.

[For best results, start a new game–otherwise you might not get stats from things you did in earlier versions.]


The game now creates a Settings.xml file in which it stores preferences. It has a section for key mapping.


(plyChangeShip) function


#326 Added error function. [Thanks to Betelgeuse]

Added objSetDeviceActivationDelay to set the fire delay of a weapon (so it consumes power). [Thanks to Atarlost, et al]

Added plyGetItemStat.

Added plyGetStat.

Added plyRecordBuyItem.

Added plyRecordSellItem.

<OnFireWeapon> can return 'noShot and 'shotFired. [Thanks to Wolfy, et al]

sysCreateEffect now takes an optional direction. [Thanks to Atarlost]

Added lifetime= and rotation= attributes to <SmokeTrail> effect.

<HitEffect> uses hit direction as effect rotation.

<Lookup> elements honor xOffset and yOffset attributes. [Thanks to sdw195]

sysCreateWeaponFire takes a list for weaponID (first element is launcher, second is missile UNID). [Thanks to Betelgeuse and Wolfy]

sysCreateWeaponFire takes an optional 8th parameter for bonus %. [Thanks to Atarlost]

Added <CanBeInstalled> event for items (armor and devices). [Thanks to Betelgeuse]

Added <CanBeUninstalled> event for devices. [Thanks to Betelgeuse]

<PlasmaSphere> effect now takes a radius attribute. [Thanks to Atarlost]

(objGetType) [Thanks to ptbptb]


Less damage flash.

Iocrym armor should be disintegration immune. [Thanks to Atarlost]

Black Market in Rigel Aurelius should never have more than 1 Molotok. [Thanks to Wolfy]

KM550 are more common (appearing in Commonwealth Fortress). [Thanks to Shrike]

1.01 (11 April 2010)

Fixed bug in which not enough memory is allocated to save system. [Thanks to Eric James]

Fixed a crash when Salvager tries to dock with a destroyed object. [Thanks to namer4]

Fixed a crash when zoanthrope is killed by its own follower. [Thanks to darksider]

Added (sysCalcFireSolution).

Fixed bug in which installing armor at Ringers checked credits instead of rin. [Thanks to Salvagebot 1.0]

Fixed bug causing “Nil is under attack” message. [Thanks to raelz]

Fixed a problem in which Kate hates the player if she gates out. [Thanks to Xephyr and Bobby]

If player saves Antarctica and gates, Antarctica should count as 'escaped'. [Thanks to Shrike]

'W' should not select disabled weapons. [Thanks to Manekineko]

In Heretic, fixed description of manipulators after they're disabled. [Thanks to Shrike]

#335: If player has disposable launcher, Raisu should give launcher (instead of missiles). [Thanks to Nate879]

#333: Superfreighter should have piracy-check code. [Thanks to sdw195]

In Heretic, if Xenophobe ark wreck is destroyed, mission should fail. [Thanks to Ho'okoa]

Typo: “Have you every…” → “Have you ever…” [Thanks to Ho'okoa]

1.0 (12 March 2010)

Fixed problem with background stars over blue sun. [Thanks to Xephyr]

Teraton chrysalis should stop spawning after Teraton nest is destroyed. [Thanks to Ho'okoa]

1.0 RC9 (7 March 2010)

Fixed crash caused by GDI leak. [Thanks to Rhonda Reese]

Fixed memory leak in A* pathfinder.

Rebalanced station HP. [Thanks to Shrike]

Omsk II deflectors are now Military. [Thanks to Kris Parker]

Starfield improvements.

Fixed error reporting when there is a duplicate image UNID.

Typo: “fuelFount” → “fuelFound”. [Thanks to Rhonda Reese]

Typo: “viruss” → “viruses” [Thanks to Shrike]

1.0 RC8 (16 February 2010)

#320: Fixed bug with Arco Vaughn mission. [Thanks to PKodon and Xephyr]

Intro Screen: 'P' and 'Shift-P' to cycle through POVs in intro screen. [Thanks to bimbel]

Intro Screen: 'O' to switch POV to opponent.

Intro Screen: 'K' to kill current ship.

Intro Screen: 'D' to duplicate current ship.

Improved painting of armor display. [Thanks to Xephyr]

Typo: “%brother” → “%brother%”. [Thanks to Shrike]

1.0 RC7 (14 February 2010)

Fixed a crash in OnObjDestroyed (caused by recursion when destroying a crate that destroys itself when empty). [Thanks to Blitz]

Fixed a potential crash bug in CFleetCommandAI if a target is a station instead of a ship.

Improved loading and intro screen.

Ranx gunships are now slower.

Barbary-class gunships no longer show up in level 3.

ICX missile defense is now level IV and more powerful. [Thanks to Ho'okoa and Wolfy]

Salvagers no longer dock while under attack. [Thanks to Blitz]

Elysium no longer has random encounters. [Thanks to Kris Parker]

Fixed holes in the Battle Arena. [Thanks to (name here) and sdw195 and others]

Charon Pirates are different sovereigns from Marauders.

Added <Escorts> element to <ShipClass>.

Added actualPrice boolean attribute to <Trade> sub-elements.

Fixed a bug in which Thor's sometimes generated items that don't coalesce. [Thanks to Kaypy]

Player's autons (and escorts) should not report the player as a pirate. [Thanks to JimmyJ]

Docked ships should not paint on the target display. [Thanks to Kris Parker]

Generic damage absorbed by overlays based on min value. [Thanks to Betelgeuse]

Fixed a bug in which player was arrested at First Contact Monument even though it was destroyed. [Thanks to Shrike]

Fixed spurious “Enemy ships detected” message in Battle Arena. [Thanks to PKodon and Drayk]

Fixed a bug in which Kate Morgental doesn't recognize the player in Heretic even after Battle Arena meeting. [Thanks to Kris Parker]

Fixed a bug in which sound effects were not being properly attenuated based on distance.

Fixed incorrect message when player's autons attack gladiators in Arena. [Thanks to Blitz]

Style: Fixed overuse of “much” in sentence in St. K's. [Thanks to Wolfy]

#288: Fixed a bug in which AI sometimes fires incorrectly with semi-turret weapons. [Thanks to Blitz]

#315: Svalbard wreck is immutable (otherwise, game would be unwinnable). [Thanks to Wolfy]

#311: Fixed display of weapons for Arena challengers. [Thanks to sdw195 and Blitz]

Rotted food has appropriate response when donated to Container Habitats or Sisters. [Thanks to Shrike]

#306: In Korolov attack on Charon base, leader should not outrun the player. [Thanks to Blitz]

#287: Fixed targeting order so it is always based on distance. [Thanks to PKodon]

#318: Fixed a bug in which destination arrow is not cleared after Commonwealth Militia mission. [Thanks to speedofsquid]

Typo: “This a lighter…” → “This is a lighter…” [Thanks to Branden]

Typo: “Arco Vaugh” → “Arco Vaughn”. [Thanks to TheLastBrunnenG]

Typo: “reasure” → “reassure”. [Thanks to TheLastBrunnenG]

Typo: “moral enemies” → “mortal enemies”. [Thanks to TheLastBrunnenG]

Typo: “body of woman” → “body of a woman”. [Thanks to speedofsquid]

Typo: “…please accept these barrels…” even though there is only one. [Thanks to Wolfy]

Typo: “…talk with you” → “…talks with you.” [Thanks to Hookoa]

Typo: “P100” → “P150”. [Thanks to Shrike]

1.0 RC6 (28 January 2010)

#270: Rebalanced power usage for weapons. [Thanks to Atarlost and Wolfy]

Changed 48×48 explosion image.

New fonts.

Fixed a bug in which power consumption was not painting properly if weapon fireRate aligned with display paint rate.

#268: Fixed a bug in which weapon and shield events were not inherited from base class. [Thanks to Betelgeuse]

#267: Fixed a bug startingShipCriteria. [Thanks to Betelgeuse]

#245: Items ordered via Corporate Trading Post are always identified. [Thanks to Bimbel]

#257: Added (objGetEventHandler). [Thanks to Alterecco]

#275: called for all shots of a repeating shot.

Added aFireRepeat to <OnFireWeapon>.

Weapon ammo is consumed after call to <OnFireWeapon>.

#277: Fixed a bug in which Korolov didn't give out proper reward. [Thanks to Betelgeuse]

Fixed a bug in which 'gate order to a station (as opposed to a stargate) failed.

Ferian nest is less sensitive to attack (less chance of spawning warrior).

Fixed a bug in which '%' inside of (scrSetDesc) was ignored. [Thanks to Drayk]

#249: Fixed info text in Starton Eridani. [Thanks to Wolfy]

#271: Overlays absorb generic damage based on average of all other damage.

#279: Fixed hot key in Heretic dock screen. [Thanks to Blitz]

#274: Fixed bug in which player ship with “freighter” attribute confuses Korolov. [Thanks to Wolfy]

1.0 RC5 (22 January 2010)

Fixed a bug in sysFindObject in which omitting a semi-colon caused unpredictable behavior.

Fixed a bug in which Teraton defender effect is loaded improperly, leading to crash. [Thanks to Jan Nielsen]

Armor > level VI now requires military ID (generally).

Stations no longer install military armor without ID (except for Black Market).

Sisters have level-appropriate ships.

Black Market has level-appropriate ships.

Increased range of all MAGs to 48 light-seconds. [Thanks to Atarlost]

Commonwealth scavengers stay within 100 ls of home station.

Commonwealth scavengers don't loot wrecks as frequently.

Removed WMD from longreach. [Thanks to Wolfy]

quadro-, hexa-, and octo-carbide are immune to device damage.

Transuranic armor and neutronium are are immune to disintegration.

Increased range of Urak mass driver. [Thanks to Atarlost]

Rebalanced power consumption of weapons to match dps.

Increased damage of some plasma weapons. [Thanks to Atarlost]

Sapphire now has 8 device slots.

Deimos now has 30 degree swivel on main cannon. [Thanks to Atarlost]

When attacked, stations send guards out to long range. [Thanks to Atarlost]

CSCs repair damage.

CSCs move if placed too close to enemy station.

If the player deals with the Antarctica, Decker does not give mission. [Thanks to kaypy]

CSC Terra gives some clues about the location of the Antarctica.

In mission to deliver supplies, if the target station blacklists player, mission fails. [Thanks to Quirk]

On CSC “Phobos” mission, Phobos now reacts if attacked before player gets there. [Thanks to FAD]

In recon mission, mission should succeed if target is destroyed instead of reconned. [Thanks to Curudan]

#247: Added “speed” field for missiles and weapons.

(typGetDataField) returns integers when appropriate.

If OnFireWeapon returns Nil, then normal projectile is fired.

sysFindObject Criteria no longer require semi-colons are delimiters. (spaces are enough)

#148: Added new return types and args for <OnDamageShields>.

Added <OnShieldDamage> event for shields.

itmEnumTypes Criteria no longer require semi-colons as delimiters (spaces are enough).

typFind Criteria no longer require semi-colons as delimiters (spaces are enough).

Added (objIsParalyzed).

ENTITYs accept whitespace (not just spaces). [Thanks to digdug]

typFind should exclude virtual classes by default; 'V' should include them. [Thanks to alterecco]

Added (objIsAngryAt).

Added /1024 switch to force into 1024×768 resolution.

Bad things happen if player uses jumpdrive while EMP'ed.

Uranium rod refuels ship (with some chance of creating radioactive waste).

High-level Makayev station.

Don't allow installation of illegal weapons in Commonwealth/Military docks. [Thanks to OddBob]

Adjusted station positions around planets.

#248: Fixed paint issue in which player ship sometimes paints behind station when docking. [Thanks to speedofsquid]

Fixed description of cannon accelerator (said +75% bonus, but it's only +50%). [Thanks to David Rotberg]

Fixed a problem with blts after change to multi-threaded. [Thanks to Shrike]

Fixed a bug when an enhancement is applied on top of a blue etherium enhancement. [Thanks to Ihlosi]

Fixed an infinite loop bug when convicted of smuggling a sealed container. [Thanks to OddBob]

Fixed bug in which Huaramarca stargate is revealed with Domina contemplation. [Thanks to darksider]

Fixed a bug in which Ringers say “You do not have enough credits…” for items that cost 0 credits. [Thanks to darksider]

Sisters know the value of items even if unidentified. [Thanks to darksider]

Fixed description for the Mule Auton cargo capacity. [Thanks to darksider]

In Huari mission to rescue slaves, if transport wreck is destroyed, mission fails. [Thanks to Quirk]

Fixed a bug which caused some stations to end up too close to each other.

Fixed a hole in the Arena (near doors).

Increased A* loops to improve chances of finding a path.

1.0 RC4 (1 January 2010)

Fixed a crash when docked with the St K's arcology and items are removed. [Thanks to namer4]

Fixed a crash when gating during recursive zoanthrope bug. [Thanks to goat not sheep]

Added Commonwealth Fortress Mission: Destroy a random enemy station in the system.

Added <OnGlobalPlayerEnteredSystem>.

Added <OnGlobalPlayerLeftSystem>.

#21: Added <OnFireWeapon> event for weapons.

Added “name” field for sovereigns and adventure extensions.

Added (isprimitive) function to distinguish between lambda expressions and built-in functions.

#192: Added “generic” damage type.

If player kills enough raiders around Raisu, then Arco Vaughn mission is available.

Silicon armor patches and repairing nanos use player's armor repair skill.

Armor sellers have more armor repair items.

Explosions are more powerful.

Blt in background if possible.

Docked ships now paint in order with respect to the station.

#228: Fixed a bug uninstalling virtual devices. [Thanks to Betelgeuse]

Raisu station no longer gets Commonwealth traffic. [Thanks to Shrike]

Prevented circular references in escort orders. [Thanks to goat not sheep]

Trade route ships now only dock with populated stations.

Fixed Commonwealth Fortress's intercept convoy mission so it doesn't happens too soon. [Thanks to fossaman]

Strip out % from player names.

No random encounters in Heretic system.

Fixed a crash when Communicating with a ship that inherits from a class with no Comms handlers. [Thanks to Bobby]

#237: HP bonus to shield is applied after all other HP increases.

#122: No more rumors of Arco Vaughn after he has been killed.

#201: Fixed a bug in which Ringer shipyards don't have the appropriate error when there's not enough room to swap a device. [Thanks to speedofsquid]

#239: Sound volume 0 mutes all sounds.

#185: Fix problem with ImplementCloseOnImmobileTarget.

Fixed bug in which Centauri occupations spawn friendly patrols. [Thanks to retroactive]

1.0 RC3 (20 December 2009)

Fixed a crash when a ship with attackNearestEnemy order gets an msgAttackDeter message.

Insurance no longer resurrects attached pteravores. [Thanks to F50]

#175: Fixed a bug in the Rigel Aurelius in which Kate attacked the player. [Thanks to Wolfy]

#135: Fixed a crash when calling (objDestroy gSource) from inside a damage event. [Thanks to Betelgeuse]

Added code in CSystem.cpp to recover from a bug in RC1.

Fixed a crash bug if insured player is killed and wreck is destroyed along with player. [Thanks to namer4]

Fixed potential crash bug if wingmen are destroyed just as player gates out.

Add more HP to armor.

In general, enemies have lower level armor

Armor repair takes skill.

Added more armor repair kits.

#170: Ballista is more powerful. [Thanks to Wolfy]

#177: Meteorsteel is radiation immune. [Thanks to Wolfy]

Increased time to regenerate Iocrym sentinels after they are destroyed in Heretic.

Increased time between attack on Heretic stations.

Reflector crystals burn out.

Reflector crystals are more common.

Class V deflector consumes more power.

Class V deflector has normal ion resistance.

Teratons build new defenders.

Teratons blacklist player if defenders destroyed.

Pirate frigates appear in Charon stations.

Shield damage type adj tweaks.

Worldship armor plate is now level VIII and NotForSale.

Lacaille/Cygni system always available.

Piracy and slave-trading are no longer insta-kills (as long as you have money to pay the fine).

Doubled chance of Iocrym sentinels leaving a wreck.

Mining yields ore appropriate to level.

Increased hp for most shields by about 15-20%.

Increased the price of shields.

#106: Iocrym commandship now immune to disintegration. [Thanks to Wolfy]

#199: Heavy CLAW cannon matches AK15 Partisan. [Thanks to Retroactive]

#144: Nares-Strong research station should have a way to install/uninstall devices. [Thanks to Atarlost]

Commonwealth and Corporate stations now have level-appropriate freighters. [Thanks to Wolfy]

Added level I light reactive armor.

Added level I light ceramic armor.

Added ultra-light titanium armor and shifted other armor up.

Added level II armor for Sung Slavers that resists laser but is lighter than ceramic.

Added Omsk defense system items.

#139: Fixed incorrect descriptions in Octocarbide and Ithalium. [Thanks to Atarlost]

Ranx gunships carry armor repair items.

Sung armor can be used to repair other tiled armor.

Fixed a problem with insurance placing the player in dangerous situation.

Fixed a problem with insurance not repairing armor fully.

Fixed bug in which wingmen don't repair armor after gating. [Thanks to fossaman and Bobby]

#169: Fixed a bug in which targeting waypoints in first militia mission won mission. [Thanks to speedofsquid]

#160: Fixed First Contact Monument's incorrect screen after confiscation. [Thanks to speedofsquid]

#176: Fixed Ship selection screen not showing weapon power usage. [Thanks to Wolfy]

Fixed a bug in (objDamage) when pteravores destroy a ship. [Thanks to Aeonic]

Unknown weapons and autodefence are identified when they are fired.

Unknown shields, drives, cargo holds, reactors, and repairers are identified when installed.

Jumpdrive is identified when used.

Fixed grammar: “a xyz stargate” → “the xyz stargate”. [Thanks to Wolfy]

Fixed Error: OnSystemWeaponFire [Battle Arena Maximus]: Unknown item type 0 ### (itmCreate aWeaponUNID 1) ### [Thanks to Boring]

Fixed infinite Hyugens in Heretic bug. [Thanks to Viperion]

Fixed a bug in which Kronosaurus stops chasing player after gating out. [Thanks to fossaman]

Hex escape codes allowed in item descriptions and item names. [Thanks to speedofsquid]

Ferians should not retaliate against stuff that can't attack. [Thanks to Shrike]

Fixed typo: “vessel” → “vessels”. [Thanks to speedofsquid]

Fixed typo: “scientists” → “scientist”. [Thanks to speedofsquid]

#211: Changed Partisan Turret damage to match Partisan cannon. [Thanks to Atarlost]

#205: Fixed a parsing problem with item names with words in parens. [Thanks to Atarlost]

#206: Fixed problem with (objIncVel) and (objSetVel). [Thanks to Betelgeuse]

#85: Fixed a bug in which cargo jettisoned over a planet sometimes painted under the planet.

Fixed a bug with regen and decay rate for armor. [Thanks to Atarlost]

Charon system should not have any random Korolov stations. [Thanks to fossaman]

Shots shouldn't go through Arena wall. [Thanks to Nate879]

Added (objFireOverlayEvent).

Added (typHasAttribute).

Timer events attached to objects move when the object moves systems.

(objRepairArmor) now returns the hp repaired.

Added (objAddItemEnhancement).

(objDestroy) takes optional damage source.

Added aCause to all damage events.

Added <OnAddedAsEnhancement> and <OnRemovedAsEnhancement>.

Item criteria 'V' flag to include virtual items.

randomEncounters= attrib and <OnRandomEncounter>.

Added <Sequencer> effect.

Added event handlers and (objSetEventHandler).

Obj criteria 'P' flag to include only objects visible to source.

Added <OnCreate> sub-element to ships in ship tables.

Added damageAdjLevel= attrib (to override intrinsic damage adj).

Added <GetMaxHP> event to shields.

Added (itmGetInstallPos).

Added (objGetArmorLevel).

Added <Lookup> and <LevelTable> to ship tables.

(shpCreateShip) takes <ShipTable> as UNID.

Added (shpGetOrderDesc).

Added (shpGetDockObj).

<OnCreate> for stations is now a direct child (not a child of <Events>) to match <OnCreate> for <Ship>.

<OnInstall> and <OnUninstall> for items are consistently called for armor and devices.

Fixed a bug in which you could not manipulate other items inside of OnInstall and OnUninstall.

Added (sysCalcTravelDistance).

Added <GetCreatePos>.

Added <OnCreateOrders>.

(sysCreateShip) takes an override as its last parameter (instead of controller).

Added 'K' flag to include only objects that cannot attack.

Added 'J' flag to include only objects from a given sovereign.

Fixed a bug in item criteria with '~' char: “a~u” did not work.

Added '^' char to item criteria to force a certain category: “a^u” returns all armor that is usable.

Added startingShipCriteria= attrib to <AdventureDesc>. [Thanks to Betelgeuse]

Added (sysVectorPolarVelocity) to create a velocity vector.

regen= and decay= attributes for <Armor> (same as regen attrib for shields).

Regen/decay should be specified the same way across shields, armor, and repairing devices.

1.0 RC2 (8 November 2009)

Fixed a crash bug when resurrecting [Thanks to Betelgeuse and digdug]

Fixed a crash when invoking Sustain while out of ammo.

Fixed a bug in which weapon keeps firing after switching. [Thanks to Atarlost]

Fixed error when returning from Militia mission in St. Kats (scrShowPane “Default”). [Thanks to fossaman]

Fixed a problem with spurious “Invalid painter creator” errors.

Ferians are now neutral and turn to enemies (per colony) if colony destroyed.

Hammerhead class is now slower.

Player will not be accused of piracy if enemy ships in the area.

Heretic stations don't blacklist the player. [Thanks to Atarlost]

Better job of separating enemy stations.

Destination marker to Heretic station under attack.

Distress signal from Heretic stations under attack come sooner.

Stations in Heretic are no longer uncharted (can be found with system map rom).

Sentinels in Heretic should take longer to show up.

Added combatStyle=“chase”.

Ignore extension folders and files prefixed with a dot. [Thanks to alterecco]

(objAddOverlay) returns overlayID (or Nil). [Thanks to Atarlost]

Added (objGetNamedItems). [Thanks to Betelgeuse]

Added enemyExclusionRadius attrib to <StationType>.

Added exclusionRadius attrib to <Orbitals>.

Show damage type icons in help.

Visual enhancement marker colors match LRS colors. [Thanks to bimbel]

Intro screen no longer shows virtual classes. [Thanks to Wolfy]

Fixed a crash in the intro screen. [Thanks to Wolfy]

Fixed a bug in which you end up with no opponents in the arena. [Thanks to Prophet]

Fixed a bug with player ship selection screen and item references. [Thanks to Wolfy]

Fixed Victorian nightclub and maintenance level so they buy illegals again. [Thanks to fossaman]

Reverted change that (eq 0 Nil) evals to True. [Thanks to Atarlost and alterecco]

Fixed conflicting menu accelerator in First Contact Monument. [Thanks to digdug]

Fixed conflicting menu accelerator in arena Dock Services. [Thanks to Wolfy]

Fixed an error when destroying an Iocrym outpost in the Heretic system. [Thanks to Prophet]

Fixed a bug in which freighters (and others) were not using their weapons. [Thanks to Wolfy]

Fixed a bug that sometimes caused a ship to target the player after player left system. [Thanks to fossaman]

(objDamage) function creates fragments, if necessary. [Thanks to Prophet]

Fixed animation for Kytryn blaster. [Thanks to Wolfy]

Fixed a bug in which unknown items don't show up properly on ship selection screen

Wingmen no longer chase targets unless ordered to. [Thanks to Atarlost]

Fixed problem with waiting wingmen.

If Helena's wreck is destroyed while Volkov is docked, he drifts away. [Thanks to fossaman]

Helena's wreck should not appear in any system before Volkov is encountered.

Fixed price of Ceratops 5T. [Thanks to Aeonic]

Wingmen should stay out of player's line of fire.

Sapiens Compound should not produce missiles if destroyed. [Thanks to speedofsquid]

Fixed bug with unknown devices not forming proper plurals. [Thanks to Nate879]

Laser collimators should not stack. [Thanks to omniaddict]

Fixed bogus fire rate when longreach device is installed. [Thanks to Bimbel]

Enabled structured exception handling.

Fixed bug in which IM90 no longer picks separate targets. [Thanks to BloodEagle and Atarlost]

(int “some string”) should return Nil if it could not be parsed. [Thanks to alterecco]

Improved AI when attacking fixed targets.

Typo in battle arena 'your' → 'you'. [Thanks to SparcMan]

Typo in First Contact Monument 'where' → 'were'. [Thanks to BloodEagle]

1.0 RC1 (25 October 2009)

New Battle Arena implementation.

New Heretic system implementation.

New St. Katharine's Star implementation.

Rebalanced weapons, shields, and armor.

Shield damage adjustment is shallower.

Armor >= level VI is immune to blinding

Armor >= level VII is immune to radiation

Armor >= level IX is immune to EMP

Armor >= level XI is immune to device damage

Improved wingmen.

Added Ferian warriors.

Kobols have better (ion resistent) armor.

Ventari have better (ion resistent) armor.

Sung Slavers are immune to ion effects.

Ringers and Teratons don't pay as much for items.

Decreased the chance of items surviving in wrecks.

Enemies do not waste missiles if target is over a planet or station.

NavPaths avoid obstacles, such as Arena walls.

Added Longreach I autocannon.

Aegis auton uses Longreach I autocannon.

Increased speed; decreased range of Strelka.

Decreased range/speed of MAGs; increased damage.

Jumpdrive takes longer to recharge.

Dual flensers level V instead of VI.

Added hydrogen and liquid oxygen tanks.

Added more weapon enhancers.

Added Cyclotron and Ceratops shield generators.

Added more NAMI missiles.

Added Makayev omni weapon.

Added Moskva dual cannon.

Added Ballista cannon.

Added NM900 external missile pod.

No insurance in Huaramarca system.

Better hit effects for matter weapons.

Added overlays.

Added inherit= attribute to inherit <Events>, <StaticData>, and <Communications>.

Insurance now implemented in XML.

Added <GetGlobalResurrectPotential> and <OnGlobalResurrect>

Added <OnSystemWeaponFire> Forum Post

Added <OnSystemExplosion>

Added <OnObjJumpPosAdj>

Added <OnDockObjAdj>

Added <OnTranslateMessage>

Added <OnLoad> event for objects.

Added <OnCreate> for <Station> tags in system definitions.

Added <OnDamageArmor>, <OnDamageShields>, and <OnDamageOverlay>.

Added <OnPlayerLeftSystem> and <OnPlayerEnteredSystem> for ships.

Removed the limit on secondary weapons.

<ItemType> elements can have <DockScreens>

Added <Group> element to <Display>

Display elements now animate (once per 10 ticks).

Added alternating= attribute to <Configuration> element.

In <Shields>, if absorbAdj is missing, assume 100%.

Added nextKey= and prevKey= for <Action>

Comparing against Nil is treated as comparison against 0.

Added <Offset> element for creating objects using cartessian coordinates.

<Orbitals> equidistant angle attribute now takes a dice range (e.g., angle=“equidistant:1-10”).

Added minSeparation attribute for <Orbitals>

Added aggressor= attribute to <AISettings>

Added enhanced= and enhancement= attributes to <ArmorSection>.

Added angle= attrib to <Siblings>.

Added “orbit” order (same as “patrol” but does not chase enemies).

“attack” order now takes optional timer argument.

“escort” order now takes optional escort position (angle, radius).

Added new syxtax rules to item names for pluralization and short names.

% prefix on lambda variables prevent evaluation.

Lambda expressions bind their local scope.

Added aOrderGiver to <OnDestroy> and <OnObjDestroyed>.

Added aWeaponType to all OnDamage events.

useKey= attrib on <ItemType> to set shortcut for items with useScreen.

<AutoDefenseDevice> use fireRate (instead of rechargeTime).

<AutoDefenseDevice> are always omni.

<EnhancerDevice> now has criteria= and activateAdj= attributes.

Added +damageType:xyz to item criteria.

Fixed a bug in TransCode: ';' after a symbol did not parse correctly.

Added (objSuspend) and (objResume).

Added (objGetDataField).

Added (subset).

(count) on a string returns the number of characters.

Added (objRegisterForSystemEvents) and (objUnregisterForSystemEvents).

(plyDestroy) requires passive voice (prepend 'was') unless no object caused the death.

Added (objFixParalysis).

Added (objAddBuyOrder) and (objAddSellOrder) to modify <Trade> items.

Added (typFind).

Added (typGetDataField).

Added (staSetShowMapLabel).

Added (unvGetRealDate).

Added (sovGetDisposition).

Added (objCanDetectTarget).

Added (shpSetPlayerWingman).

Added (typFireObjEvent).

Added extra parameter to (find) to find an entry in a list.

Added (lookup) function.

(objCommunicate) now takes string message identifiers.

(scrSetDesc) now concatenates multiples args.

(plyMessage) now concatenates multiple args.

Added (objDamage).

objSource for (objDamage) and (sysCreateWeaponFire) can be lists.

Added (objSetItemData).

Added (objSetItemCharges) and (objIncItemCharges).

(sysCreateWeaponFire) takes Nil for angle to autotarget. [Thanks to Wolfy]

(objAddItem) clears installed flag, if set. [Thanks to Betelgeuse]

Added (abs).

Added (sysCreateShipwreck).

(isInt) on Nil returns Nil.

(block) accepts initializers for locals.

(sysFindObject) order criteria works for all orders.

Added 'Z' flag to exclude player from (sysFindObject).

Fixed a save file corruption bug that happened when the file gets larger than 1MB.

Fixed a crash bug when gating out of a system with a Fleet Command AI follower. [Thanks to Wolfy]

Fixed a (potential) crash bug when using (objSetObjRefData) on gPlayerShip and then gating out.

Fixed a bug in which epilog is incorrect when escaping Heretic system. [Thanks to Darth Saber]

Fixed a problem in which gPlayer is Nil after collecting insurance. [Thanks to Fatboy]

Fixed a bug in Teraton research chamber (typo unvGetTime → unvGetTick) [Thanks to TaviRider]

Fixed a bug: pirateStatusLeft → pirateStationsLeft. [Thanks to Wolfy and darksider]

Fixed a bug in which Dvalin gives one armor segment instead of four. [Thanks to darksider]

Fixed a bug in which wingmen are lost after insurance claim.

itmSetEnhanced and itmSetDamaged apply to multiple items.

Fixed a bug in which saving the game in the middle of Ag station mission leaves gState undefined. [Thanks to Bobby]

Player target is cleared after mission to retrieve Huari slaves. [Thanks to darksider]

CSC's need definite article. [Thanks to Sheltem]

'F' no longer selects inert objects (like arena walls).

Mission targeting is now separate from targeting ROM target. [Thanks to Aeonic]

(obj*) calls are checked for invalid obj param. [Thanks to Betelgeuse]

Stations can use missile weapons.

Fixed a bug in which Phobos mission succeeds if player dies and has insurance. [Thanks to fossaman]

Fixed a bug in which flare effects were not working. [Thanks to digdug]

Fixed a bug in which tracking weapons did not work if heading away from target.

Fixed a bug when passing functions as parameters. [Thanks to l0mars01]

Fixed a bug when outputing item structs. [Thanks to alterecco]

Fixed a bug when calling (scrShowScreen) inside <OnInit>.

Fixed hang with (power) function with negative exponents. [Thanks to Betelgeuse]

Fixed vapor trails so they align with rotation angle. [Thanks to digdug]

Fixed a bug in which docking may cause player to get stuck on Arena walls. [Thanks to Markus Eckert]

Fixed typo: “imaging” → “imgaine” [Thanks to TaviRider]

Fixed typo: “2 jewel of contemplations” [Thanks to Cardinal and TaviRider]

Fixed typo: “2 Centauri recoillesses” [Thanks to darksider]

Fixed typo in DK10 Arbalest; fires four shells, not three.

Fixed typo: “Ares carrier” → “Ares dreadnought” [Thanks to Wolfy]

Fixed continuity error: “If you stay with the Fleet, you should make Captain…” except player is already a Fleet Captain to get the mission. [Thanks to FAD]

Fixed continuity error: “We taught them a lesson the next year…” even though CSC Europa was destroyed only a few months ago. [Thanks to Bobby]

0.99c (21 August 2008)

Fixed a bug in which 0.99a game files were corrupted by 0.99b. [Thanks to evilbob]

Fixed a bug in which AI does not use missiles. [Thanks to Markus Eckert and Vastin]

Fixed a bug in which gates led to the wrong system because the saved game system map was corrupted.

Fixed a potential bug in the order that the topology was created.

0.99b (17 August 2008)

Huari no longer attack autons or wingmen once they are friendly. [Thanks to digdug]

Raisu station does not offer missiles/launcher multiple times. [Thanks to Cardinal]

Fixed a bad message when pressing Tab with the DM1500 installed. [Thanks to GambitDash]

Fixed a bug in which the universe is re-initialized if loading a system causes an error. [Thanks to Bobby]

Fixed Huari code that was erroneously using plyComposeMessage instead of plyComposeString. [Thanks to Jason Schapiro]

Fixed a bug in Sisters donation (some items did not count properly). [Thanks to Cardinal]

Fixed a crash bug when loading certain kinds of effects. [Thanks to Aquilai]

Agricultural station offers to decontaminate radioactive player.

If a player destroys a station with a crate bomb, the player is blamed. [Thanks to fossaman]

Iocrym wreck is harder to destroy. [Thanks to fossaman and others]

Fixed a bug in epitaph: “Joe imprisoned for…” → “Joe was imprisoned for…”

Fixed adventure extensions so they work with .tdbs [Thanks to Periculi]

Fixed ship AI so that low-maneuverability ships (like EI200) can dock properly. [Thanks to Cardinal]

Fixed error after completing Huari mission. [Thanks to Hades]

Fixed bug when mission to destroy Charon base is the first Korolov mission. [Thanks to FAD]

Fixed bug in worldship armor plate (it was not resistant to anything). [Thanks to Sheltem]

Korolov works harder to avoid running out of dock ports. [Thanks to Vastin]

Adjusted chance of wreck explosion so that higher-level shipwrecks are more difficult to destroy.

Enhanced Arco Vaughn AI so that he warns player before going for the kill.

Decreased Arco Vaughn's fire rate so he is not so deadly.

Fixed crash due to improper deleting of an item from an item list. [Thanks to Yugi]

Fixed crash when system has a saved particle effect. [Thanks to Jason Schapiro]

Adjusted some beam weapon ranges to be shorter.

Decreased max firing range for most low-level gunships.

Decreased the number of Sung stations that must be destroyed before Huari become friends.

Improved armor of Antares freighters.

Added out-of-memory checks to sysFindObject.

Container explosions are now a little weaker.

Decreased WMD value for standard explosions.

Eliminated chain reactions from asteroid ejecta. [Thanks to Cardinal]

Fixed a bug in which wreck hp were getting reset after loading a game.

Added maxStructuralHitPoints to ship class to set the structural hit point of a wreck. [Thanks to fossaman]

Added <HitEffect> for shields. [Thanks to oddbob]

Added (dbgLog) to output to Debug.log. [Thanks to betelgeuse]

aDestroyer param is valid <OnDestroy> even if destroyed cannot attack.

(objGetOrderGiver) now optionally takes a destroy reason.

aDestroyReason parameter added to <OnDestroy> and <OnObjDestroyed>.

Added fireRangeAdj attribute to AISettings.

Added (objGetOpenDockingPortCount) function.

Added (sqrt) math function.

Added (power) math function.

<InitialPane> is evaluated in list screens [Thanks to Periculi]

Added <OnAttacked> event for ships and stations.

Added <OnDamage> event for ships.

Added “aim” order for standard ship AI.

Fixed typo in (sysGetSystemType) help. [Thanks to Periculi]

Fixed typo: “The Light speak to…” → “The Light speaks to…” [Thanks to Yugi]

Fixed typo: “…struggles to whispers…” → “…struggles to whisper…” [Thanks to Yugi]

Fixed typo: “…all Charon station…” → “…all Charon stations…” [Thanks to Bobby]

0.99a (30 July 2008)

Fixed crash when Juan Carlos's freighter shows up in intro screen. [Thanks to digdug]

Fixed crash if (shp…) or (sta…) functions are passed a Nil value.

Fixed bug in mining (“Unable to find item in list”). [Thanks to bimbel]

Fixed crash when any station with reflective armor is hit. [Thanks to Hades]

Fixed crash with Adventure extensions. [Thanks to Periculi]

Fixed bug when deploying Kronosaurus after destroying 3 Charon bases. [Thanks to F50]

Fixed bug with getting promoted to master after already being legend. [Thanks to F50]

Added debug code to display fonts selected with /debugVideo switch.

0.99 (30 July 2008)

Added station explosions. [Thanks to digdug]

Added capital ship explosions.

New Korolov features.

All Domina powers now working.

New Huari missions.

Stations pay less money for items that they are less interested in.

Mining is less efficient unless player has a mining cargo hold (decreases mining exploits).

Visual display enhancement no longer required for missions.

Switching weapons takes time (eliminates hold-down-W-key exploit).

Number of Dwarg masters at Dwarg gatherings reduced.

Removed a couple of systems in the late game.

Decreased the frequency of random encounters.

Some missiles now have hit points.

Some station inventory is damaged when the station is destroyed.

LRS distinguishes between active and abandoned stations.

LRS distinguishes between wrecks and stations.

Shields display show enhancements.

Some stations allow installing a device immediately after buying.

Show help for using missiles.

Fixed crash when dropping items into a Teraton fabricator with no items in cargo hold. [Thanks to omniaddict]

Fixed crash when extension overrides a DockScreen. [Thanks to Heavy Stylus]

Fixed a problem in which Luminous was not correctly evolving to resist particle and blast damage. [Thanks to kaypy and darksider]

Fixed a coding error in Point Juno when beta fleet attacks. [Thanks to darksider]

Fixed incorrect levelFrequency pattern for some stations. [Thanks to Periculi]

Fixed problem with debug console not updating until user types. [Thanks to betelgeuse]

Fixed bug in which (dbgOutput) did not work while docked.

Fixed a crash in (armGetHitPoints). [Thanks to betelgeuse]

Fixed a bug in which radius damage was being calculated incorrectly.

Fixed a bug with more than two <Fragment> elements in a weapon.

Fixed a typo in help text for (objJumpTo). [Thanks to betelgeuse]

Fixed improper background in Trading Post dock screen. [Thanks to Petrus]

Fixed typo: “non-Commonwealth station” → “non-Commonwealth stations” [Thanks to Charon Mass of Goo]

Fixed type: “verstile” → “versatile” [Thanks to Charon Mass of Goo]

Fixed crash during intro screen.

Fixed a bug in which stations were not getting notified when another station was destroyed.

Fixed a bug running in aspect ratios different from 1024×768. [Thanks to Clear Air Turbulence]

Fixed a bug in which ships immune to ion effects still took damage from ion.

Fixed a crash when a multi-shot weapon uses a fire effect. [Thanks to P122]

Fixed a crash when (random) has the wrong number of parameters.

Fixed a problem clicking on intro screen button without moving the mouse.

Fixed (itmGetCharges) so that it is accurate for installed items.

EMP, blinding, and device damage does not do hit point damage to stations.

0.98d (5 October 2007)

Built using Visual C++ 2005.

Use GDI instead of DirectX to blt frames.

Added /dx switch to revert back to DirectX bltting.

Added a toggle switch to map view to show HUD. [Thanks to Cardinal]

Fixed crash when opening contraband ammo box. [Thanks to the wanderer]

Fixed bug/crash in Teraton fabrication chamber [this bug and the one above were caused by a regression that I introduced last version when trying to fix the Smugglers Cargo Hold exploit]

Fixed bug in which Victorian club accepts invalid items. [Thanks to dvlenk6 and fossaman]

Message to “Return to base” no longer appears if player did not accept Point Juno mission. [Thanks to hex]

Radioactive waste no longer affects armor with radiation-immune coating. [Thanks to kaypy]

Fixed bug in which Tinkers did not make all armor segments radiation-immune. [Thanks to kaypy]

Fixed weapons crate image. [Thanks to Icabod458]

Typo: “…but it fully work.” → “…but it didn't fully work.” [Thanks to kaypy]

Typo: “…two month ago” → “…two months ago” [Thanks to Icabod458]

Typo: “…see you ticket agent” → “…see your ticket agent” [Thanks to FAD]

0.98c (20 September 2007)

Player ships now have 40 rotations.

Added zoom-in and zoom-out to system map.

Added binary star systems.

Fixed a bug in Fleet mission to destroy Ares convoy in which player was not getting xp for targets destroyed. [Thanks to weelillad]

Victorian Nightclub no longer buys illegal items >25 kg (fixes an exploit selling Smugglers Cargo Holds for infinite money). [Thanks to Cardinal]

Continue button in intro screen is not clickable when hidden. [Thanks to fossaman]

When applying radiation immune paste to armor that is already radiation immune, player is told that nothing happens. [Thanks to Dorne]

Tinkers offer to make player radiation-immune when she docks while irradiated.

rotationCount attribute in ship classes allows for more (or less) than 20 rotations.

Typo: Point Juno no longer refers to itself as a ship. [Thanks to F50]

Typo: “Medal of Distinctions” → “Medals of Distinction” [Thanks to darksider]

Typo: “Medal of Honors” → “Medals of Honor” [Thanks to darksider]

Typo: “I want you to got the…” → “I want you to go to the…” [Thanks to FAD]

0.98b (9 June 2007)

Fixed crash updating CMissile. [Thanks to frits and Stefan Maier]

Fixed problem with reactor name not updating after upgrade. [Thanks to kaypy]

Max ship speed is either intrinsic speed or drive upgrade speed (whichever is greater). [Thanks to Betelgeuse]

Fixed bug in which repairing an item with an enhancement was not working. [Thanks to Burzmali]

Fixed success message for CSC refugee mission. [Thanks to fossaman]

Ships in nebula in visual range no longer show up as “unknown hostile”. [Thanks to goat_not_sheep]

Fixed image when docking with Battle Arena. [Thanks to Yugimotomanager]

0.98a (30 May 2007)

Fixed intermittent crash that happened on load game. The problem was that some kinds of effects were not being saved properly. [Thanks to Eric James]

In Rasiermesser Manufacturing Plant, disable offer button if player has nothing to give (otherwise, game crashes). [Thanks to lootnplunder]

Fixed bug that caused Drakes to not use their missiles when attacking Korolov station in Charon system. [Thanks to kaypy]

Devices are properly identified in ship selection screen. [Thanks to Yugimotomanager]

Fixed bug that showed incorrect weapon enhancement bonus. [Thanks to Betelgeuse and bimbel]

Fixed typo: “our situations is…” → “our situation is…” [Thanks to hex]

Fixed typo: “shreded” → “shredded” [Thanks to Yugimotomanager]

Fixed typo: “ten thousands stories” → “ten thousand stories” [Thanks to Yugimotomanager]

0.98 (24 May 2007)

See Version 0.98 page for details of the major features.

Six new Commonwealth Fleet missions.

CSC Antarctica mission.

Added new Ares ships.

Added new Commonwealth Fleet ships

Point Juno does not blacklist player.

Point Juno mission works even if player destroys Ares fleets.

Ares fleets attack Point Juno even if player declines mission.

Enhancements to Rasiermesser Manufacturing Plant.

Mining implemented.

Weapon enhancements implemented.

AI ships retreats when shields drop.

AI ships navigate around enemy stations.

Calls for reinforcements decrease if reinforcements fails to arrive.

Fixed a bug in which ships ordered to hold failed to stay still.

Fixed a bug in which fleet ships rallied at an extremely distant point.

When fleet ships lose their leader, they attempt to follow the leader's last order.

Ships don't use missiles on lower-level ships if they can use other weapons.

Algorithm for blacklist is better (less susceptible to false positives).

Better initial screen for choosing a ship.

Default to EI500 freighter.

Sapphire starts out with more money.

Sapphire has 15MW reactor (instead of 10MW).

Wolfen has 1 extra weapon slot.

Changed scale to 12500 kilometers per pixel (makes combat a little easier).

Luminous armature now level VI instead of VII.

Fewer Ranx gunships encoutered.

Rebalanced all shields.

Thermo missiles are more powerful.

Halo gems are very rare (instead of rare).

Marauders are rarer and never show up beyond level VI.

Stations don't offer as much money for weapons/armor/devices.

Stations can repair higher level armor.

Iocrym commandship wreck is not so easily destroyed (so that heavy weapons don't destroy the wreck before the player can retrieve the stargate control rod). [Thanks to F50]

Patch spider does not take up a device slot and is mounted externally.

Korolov station in Charon system does not blacklist player. [Thanks to fossaman]

Adventurer Outfitters buys devices, armor, fuel, and useful items (at 50% margin).

Some corporate stations have enhanced items for sale.

F9 key brings up command line window.

Description area in dock screen grows as needed.

Show image of object on dock screen (instead of generic dock screen image).

Attacks from automated defenses do not anger friends.

Items are sorted by level in all screens.

Confirm before using a longzhu sphere for fuel.

Number of devices slots is stored with the ship instance (instead of implicitly in ship class; prevents crashes when slots change across save/load).

deviceSlots attribute to control number of slots that a device uses.

external attribute to specify that a device is external.

Lifetime attribute on weapon definitions takes ranges.

Weapon definitions can have multiple <Fragment> elements.

count and multitarget attributes are now part of <Fragment> element.

autoAcquireTarget attribute for missiles to acquire new target if original target is destroyed.

failureChance attribute on weapons.

stealth attribute on missiles.

New “radius” weapon type that does damage to all objects within a certain radius.

<Flare> effect.

Ability to generate random items with enhancements.

OnAttackedByPlayer event on ship classes.

OnObjDocked event called for all objects in system.

OnOrdersCompleted event called when ship has no more orders.

OnCreate event called for star systems.

OnMining event called for stations when hit by mining damage.

spaceScale and timeScale attribute for star systems.

<Trade> element for station types defines what stations will buy and sell.

(objGetBalance obj) to return the credits available to a station.

(objGetSellPrice obj item) to return the price that a station will sell an item for.

(objGetBuyPrice obj item) to return the price that a station will buy an item for.

(objCharge obj amount) to charge a station.

(objCredit obj amount) to credit a station.

(objGetID obj) returns a unique ID for an object that does not change across save/load.

(objIncVelocity obj vector) to increase the velocity of an object.

(objFireEvent obj event) to fire a custom event.

(sovSetDisposition sovereignID targetSovereignID disposition) to set the disposition of one sovereign towards another.

(shpSetGlobalData shipClassID …) and (shpGetGlobalData shipClassID …) for associating data with a ship class.

(objSetGlobalData) and (objGetGlobalData) work with ships (and associate to ship class).

(shpOrder ship order target data) for assigning any order to a ship.

(shpGetOrder ship) returns a string instead of an integer.

(append list list) concatenates two lists together.

(sysCreateMarker) now takes a name attribute.

(itmGetImageDesc) returns the image for an item.

(itmGetDamageType) returns the type of damage.

(dbgOutput) to output text to command line window.

(shpInstallArmor) takes an item as well as a cursor. [Thanks to Burzmali]

(sysCreateWeaponFire) function.

(sysGetNavPathPoint) function.

(sysCancelTimerEvent) function.

(sysFindObject) now takes “G:xyz” to find a stargate of the given StargateID.

(sysGetNode) returns the nodeID of the current system.

(sysGetData) and (sysSetData) store information on system nodes.

Output a better error message when <ShipClass> refers to an undefined item UNID. [Thanks to Blitz]

Better error reporting for script errors.

If no background image specified for a dock screen, use background defined by object.

<EncounterTable> definitions supported in extensions.

<ItemTable> definitions supported in extensions.

Fixed a bug that prevented Transcendence from loading in certain locales. Problem was the CSymbolTable comparison function was locale-specific (and thus TDB symbol table compiled in US did not work in other locales). [Czert]

Fixed problem with \n not being parsed correctly in desc attributes. See: Sisters of Domina. [Thanks to Boris the Cat]

Fixed shield enhance ROM so that it repairs damaged shields. [Thanks to Burzmali]

When an enhanced shields is damaged it loses enhancement. [Thanks to darksider]

Fixed problem with autons and omni- and semi-omni weapons. [Thanks to Blitz and kaypy]

Fixed a bug where player omni- and semi-omni weapons fire in wrong direction after target is destroyed. [Thanks to Kamikaze]

Sisters of Domina can now repair ships with armor segments != 4. [Thanks to darksider]

Fixed a bug that prevented definition of local functions.

Fixed crash when player is destroyed while device counter is up.

Truncate item name in item list (instead of wrapping to two lines).

Fixed a bug in which (sysFindObject) was not properly parsing :attributes without terminating semicolons.

(shpOrderWait) now accepts a value of 0 for wait time (meaning infinite).

Fixed a bug in which uninstalled items were not being collapsed into a single CItem.

Damage type names are now consistent (always “kinetic” instead of sometimes “impact”). [Thanks to Retroactive]

SmartQuotes reset after paragraph break.

Fixed typo: “This a heavier…” → “This is a heavier…” [Thanks to FAD]

Fixed typo: “Very little is know…” → “Very little is known…” [Thanks to FAD]

Fixed typo: “…heavy metals slug…” → “…heavy metal slug…” [Thanks to FAD]

Fixed typo: “wristwatched” → “wristwatches” [Thanks to FAD]

Fixed typo: “damage you display” → “damage your display” [Thanks to darksider]

Fixed typo: “general Verner” → “General Verner” [Thanks to Icabod458]

Fixed typo: “you in the docking bay” → “you are in the docking bay”

Fixed typo: “there no missions” → “there are no missions”

Fixed typo: “one of the weakest material” → “one of the weakest materials”

0.97a (5 November 2006)

Effect of mass on maneuverability has been lessened greatly.

Trading Post no longer has unlimited quantities of items. Availability depends on item rarity.

Fixed crash when passing through a stargate. The problem is related to a bug (as yet un-fixed) that somehow causes missile exhaust data to become invalid. [Thanks to Jeremy Nicoll]

Trading Post now charges actual value for unknown items. [Thanks to OddBob]

Trading Post no longer sells cash cards or other items that it doesn't make sense for it to sell. [Thanks to OddBob]

Trafalgar Pub (on Commonwealth Station) maps some stations that patrons talk about.

Fixed bug that caused CSCs to wander away when hit by momentum weapons. [Thanks to forums]

Fixed bug that caused omni weapons to not target some stations and station defenses. The problem was that some stations where not marked with the “canAttack” attribute. [Thanks to Kobell and frits]

Fixed bug when trying to install high-level weapons at a Ringer Shipyard (“We do not have the technology to install Insufficient arguments…”) [Thanks to PlayMeNow]

When a non-player kills a Dwarg master, zoanthropes are set to the correct sovereign. [Thanks to Clear Air Turbulence]

Fixed typo in Teraton frabrication table: “+AnitMatter” → “+AntiMatter” [Thanks to palmiche]

Fixed typo: “slight” → “slightly” [Thanks to Dakota]

Fixed typo: “reservation” → “reservations” [Thanks to Dakota]

Fixed non-compliant XML syntax. [Thanks to Burzmali]

0.97 (30 July 2006)

See Version 0.97 page for details of the major features.

Added Urak warlords.

Added Dwarg raiders.

Added more corporate stations.

Added Teraton stations.

Added new reactors and fuels.

Added more armors, weapons, and shields.

Armor is more powerful at the higher levels.

Improvements to the Charon system.

Stations now fire at longer ranges.

F7 and F8 keys to control volume during a game.

Grace period when ship runs out of fuel (if there is fuel in cargo hold).

Prompt before overwriting saved game.

Support dice-ranges in custom weapons configurations. [Thanks to fossaman]

All main XML entities are implicitly defined in extensions.

Support Globals, DockScreen, and Sovereign in extensions.

Relative UNIDs (@shortcuts) add to base extension UNID (instead of OR'ing). [Thanks to karl]

Ability to create a weapon with arc of fire (not fully omnidirectional) [Thanks to Yugimotomanager]

Use gSource instead of gStation for everything.

Fixed a crash when destroying objects with PK25 morning star. [Thanks to Rick Tengdin and Danny Fremen]

Don't allow titanium barricades to be used when installed. [Thanks to narthan]

Targeting arrow goes away after station destroyed. [Thanks to SparcMan]

Fixed problem with ships getting stuck in Arena.

Ferians no longer create an infinite number of miners.

Fuel is preserved when upgrading reactors.

Invincible deflector should not paralyze ship if it is disabled [Thanks to Dakota]

Nephren shields don't consume as much power.

Ion reflector is now only 95% effective [Thanks to Hookoa]

Reflection doesn't drop as suddenly when shields weaken (but still drops).

Fixed a problem with Salvagers not attacking bases that attacked them [Thanks to Dakota]

Fixed a bug with xenophobe worldship weapons (wrong fire arc).

CSC should arrest you if you kill another CSC (or Point Juno). [Thanks to SparcMan]

CSCs decontaminate player if radioactive.

Sisters decontaminate player if radioactive.

Fixed exploit with upgrading reactor at Black Market and then selling it. [Thanks to Speaker for Treecats and Markus Eckert]

Corporations ban/kill player if she destroys stations and later docks.

Corporate cruisers no longer attack each other (if one accidentally destroys a corporate station).

Destroying centauri occupation is a commonwealth crime.

Nav beacons around stargates indicate the direction of travel.

Order of armor segments in list is the same as in armor display. [Thanks to Palmiche]

Ice Farms now refuse dock if player is radioactive.

Fragmentation weapons now explode at the end of their lifetime (instead of just fading out).

Fixed a bug with ion reflector shield that might have caused unpredictable reflection.

Fixed bug in Marauder Raid Platforms that prevented them from getting missiles as cargo.

Do not blacklist the player when doing Ag station mission.

Enemies in nebula can see player at visual range.

AI no longer fires short-range weapons when they are out-of-range.

Outbound gate in Rigel Aurelius is farther out from planet (so it is visible in LRS).

If the player exits the game during a dock screen announcing end-of-game, on restore, the player will be killed appropriately.

LRS shows nebulae.

“SatanSurfer0.4” text runs into “cube with no label.” [Thanks to Hookoa]

Fixed typo: “…made in small town” → “…made in a small town.” [Thanks to Lypos]

Fixed typo: “blossom” → “blossoms.” [Thanks to Dakota]

Fixed typo: “died” → “dyed.” [Thanks to Revolver]

Fixed Typo: “an Koshiba…”

Make sure that 7-digit scores are displayed correctly.

0.96a (11 February 2006)

Wolfen gets 7 device slots; 4 of which can be used for non-weapons.

Installed items no longer use cargo space (but still count as mass).

Drive upgrade thurst adds to ship class thrust.

Show separate lists for installed items vs. cargo items. [Thanks to Hookoa]

Changed target selection UI.

Show target object when off-screen.

Increased fire rate for stations.

AutoSentinels have wait command.

Fixed incorrect screen flash on armor damage. [Thanks to The Holy Thom and OddBob]

Command keys work even with Ctrl-key down. [Thanks to schnobs]

Crates and containers can be destroyed.

Fixed crash when looting a wreck that gets destroyed. [Thanks to CrazedGamer]

Fixed crash when firing damaged advanced tritium cannon. [Thanks to Marcus Gavel]

Fixed crash when station has repeating weapons (e.g., Lancer cannon). [Thanks to fossaman]

Fixed several typos.

Weapon recoil honors custom configuration fire direction. [Thanks to fossaman]

Performance improvements when painting nebulae.

Performance improvements for Ferians.

Reflection enhancements are slightly weaker.

Akan ammo is heavier and more expensive. [Thanks to schnobs]

Tritium cannon is slightly weaker.

Fusionfire howitzer is slightly stronger.

Fragmentation missiles/MAGs no longer get bonus from cannon enhancer.

Help for various commands.

Changed the image for Halo Gems to distinguish them from other crystals.

0.96 (8 January 2006)

See Version 0.96 page for details of the major features.

New weapons, including ion flame cannon.

New armors, including orthosteel, quadrocarbide, and ithalium armor.

New shields, including ion reflector, Jotun deflector, and Nephren P25 shield generator.

New armor enhancements.

New shield enhancements.

[T] command selects next enemy or next friendly target.

Docking now honors the current target selection, if appropriate.

[.] command brings the ship to a full stop.

Lazarus shields now consume power appropriate to their regenerating ability.

Shield resistance adjusted for better balance.

Black Market shipyards now installs tech IX devices. [Thanks to gannon]

Black Market shipyards now repair armor at tech IX.

Duralloy ore is now tech V and more expensive (though converting to armor it is still profitable) [Thanks to Burzmali]

Fixed crash when wreck being looted by Salvager is destroyed while Salvager is attacking a threat. [Thanks to Markus Eckert]

Fixed crash if player gets Hanzo blaster from Black Market station. [Thanks to Markus Eckert]

Fixed crash if CSC gets destroyed in the middle of delivery mission. [Thanks to Hookoa]

Fixed bug where Fleet delivery mission takes away all of a player's ammo.

Fixed problem showing capacity for stations while titanium barricades selected. [Thanks to Dakota]

Fixed problem where fuel overflows when downgrading a reactor. [Thanks to mesh]

Fixed problem when waste cannon is found in ammunition box. [Thanks to Dorne]

Fixed bug where player could not dock with Arena if killed but saved by insurance.

Clear target selection after death (otherwise, chance of crash).

Fixed bug when flashing damage while on map (wrong size ship painted).

Agricultural station no longer sells Eridani water (since it buys it for a premium). [Thanks to blitzgerg]

Luminous armature is now resistant to ion damage (to match description). [Thanks to Premier]

Fixed bug in which disabled drive still draws power after save/restore. [Thanks to SparcMan]

Keep damage flag updated in armor items. [Thanks to Unofficial Transcendence Forums]

Drive upgrades sort with other devices (instead of at the end).

Fixed problem if station destroyed while docking and player had inertialess drive. [Thanks to Mingan]

Done button now shows up in Black Market docking services. [Thanks to fossaman]

(shpOrderGate) now works with any destination. [Thanks to Jason Miao]

Support custom weapon configurations. [Thanks to Burzmali]

Passthrough property for weapons should be a probability. [Thanks to Jason Miao]

Reflect attribute on shield definitions.

New armor enhancement constants (shpEnhanceItem …)

OnShieldDown event for shields.

canHitSource attribute for weapons.

Heating and cooling rate attributes for weapons.

Level range in item criteria.

Fixed incorrect Arena award descriptions. [Thanks to Dakota]

Fixed a bug in which omnidirectional launchers did not work.

Fixed typo: “plasma torchs”. [Thanks to fossaman]

Fixed typo: “these shields generators”. [Thanks to Dakota]

Fixed typo: “an mirrored coating”.

Fixed typo: “inconsolate” → “inconsolable”. [Thanks to fossaman]

Fixed typo in Salmonite description: “taste” → “tastes”. [Thanks to fossaman]

Fixed typo in Korolov mission: “delivery” → “deliver”. [Thanks to OddBob]

Save current player name after game saved. [Thanks to SevereTireDamage]

0.95b (30 November 2005)

Starting ships no longer limited by reactor size (but Extensions still allow setting a limit).

EI500 freighter limited to installing 2 weapons maximum (including a launcher).

Qianlong archcannon now counts as level IX weapon; also it is slightly less powerful (but still able to destroy Iocrym commandship).

Longzhu spheres only recharge up to 60 shots (e.g., half as much as before).

Black Market shipyard can now upgrade to 250MW reactor and can refuel using Helium Assemblies. [Thanks to gannon]

Black Market shipyards now install weapons up to level VIII.

Add ability to disable drives. [Thanks to Hookoa and fossaman]

Added 500MW reactor (installed at Ringers).

Added ammunition boxes.

Added special Heliotrope fuel.

Meteorsteel now resists EMP, blindness, and device damage. [Thanks to Hookoa]

Solar armor is more effective.

Ringer Shipyards now buy and sell weapons/armor.

Salvagers install and use weapons and shields that they find.

Some capital ships now have 100MW and 250MW reactors installed.

Extensions now enforce UNID range for all items in an extension.

Extensions can now specify starting credits for a ship class (startingCredits attribute under <PlayerSettings>).

Reactors can now specify fuel efficiency (fuelEfficiency attribute).

Missile speeds now accept dice ranges (speed is determined randomly at launch time).

Fragmentation weapons don't explode if within failsafe (they do less damage).

Fixed crash if game is saved after a Fleet delivery mission.

Fixed crash after gating in the middle of a Commonwealth Fortress mission. [Thanks to Boris the Cat]

Fixed crash if ordering wingmen right after coming out of gate. [Thanks to Jason Miao]

At CSCs, free fuel honors the kinds of fuel available (e.g., no Helium fuel rods available). [Thanks to Hookoa]

Fixed rare race condition in which auton/wingman is lost after coming out of gate.

gPlayer and gPlayerShip are now set to Nil while player is passing through a gate.

Fixed a bug in which enemy ships ignored an order to gate.

When taking cargo for Fleet delivery mission, we no longer take ammo. [Thanks to OddBob]

In mission to defend superfreighter, clear mission arrow after superfreighter docks. [Thanks to Magnus]

Fixed bug in Ringer replace armor screen. [Thanks to the_holy_thom]

GlobalData for station was not being initialized properly across games (could have messed-up Luminous drones).

Fixed a bug where the sound window was sometimes visible in the task bar.

Gaian processors should stop vacuuming debris if they are destroyed. [Thanks to Hookoa]

Fixed typo: “affort” instead of “afford” in shipyard message.

Fixed bug in which enabling/disabling devices was not updating weapon bonus. [Thanks to fossaman]

“1GW” label instead of “1000MW”. [Thanks to Hookoa]

Do not abort game if sound card not installed. [Thanks to Keleus]

0.95a (4 November 2005)

Added a few new weapon types.

Added missile exhaust effect.

Fixed problem with mouse coordinates. [Thanks to gannon and others]

Smuggler's cargo hold is allowed on EI500 freighter (though it adds no extra cargo).

Fixed crash bug while updating events. The problem was that if the player was destroyed, gPlayer and gPlayerShip became invalid but we could still fire events that tried to access those. This would have happened in the OnBountyHunterCheck event. [Thanks to gannon]

Fixed a bug in which hotels do not give you an ID. The problem was due to global variables not being reset between games. This also affected Luminous ship statistics and encounters with Jenna and Rama. [Thanks to gannon and Dakota]

Black Market IDs are no longer marked as “Illegal” if they are unknown. [Thanks to fossaman]

Fixed %name% in Black Market mission text.

Fixed problem with random item names (e.g., “ROM biosoft labeled '1701'”).

Fixed Black Market Shipyard (and Ringers Shipyard) in which both “Install Device” and “Done” had the same accelerator. [Thanks to Magnus]

Fixed problem in Commonwealth station, where exiting Reactor Upgrade menu goes to the wrong screen.

Fixed problems with keyboard sometimes not working. [Thanks to gannon]

Fixed command line options (they were ignored).

Fixed typo (“Oulaw” instead of “Outlaw”) [Thanks to Crom]

Fixed typo (“At product..” instead of “A product”) [Thanks to Dakota]

Fixed typo in Battle Arena (m-dash was garbage)

0.95 (25 October 2005)

Consult this page for a list of game-play enhancements and changes.

Encounter at hotel should not happen twice. [Thanks to Magnus]

Fixed radiation timer (timer was inaccurate–based on 25-frames per sec.) [Thanks to Frits]

When auton kills raiders in Centauri Occupation, player should get the credit. Note: We now count ships killed by autons in the player's score. [thanks to gannon]

Fixed Arbalest cannon description typo. [Thanks to Forevian]

Fixed auton dealer that didn't buy autons [Thanks to fossaman]

Misspelling fixed (shieldss) [Thanks to fossaman]

Fixed a crash bug in this scenario: If a stray bullet hits a station that goes on alert when attacked (like Pirate Fortress) then we might end up attacking the bullet (because we did not have a check for CanAttack). [Thanks to chris rh (email 7/31/05)]

Fixed carbon weaver bug (armor shows blank enhancement) [Thanks to gannon]

Fixed a crash bug in this scenario: If an object is destroyed, and an OnObjDestroyed event fires and the destroyer is NULL, then the aDestroyer variable is 0 (instead of Nil) which means that scripts that check for Nil fail. [Thanks to Quaziz (email 8/31/05)]

Fixed a CodeChain bug which caused (lnkAppend) to fail inside of an enum. The problem was that local bindings were not working properly.

Fixed problem with genome (male/female) not getting saved with game

Fixed problem with missileship getting stuck in the Battle Arena. [Thanks to many reports in Forums]

Damaged items are now worth less when sold.

When installing upgraded shield generator, shipyards offer to replace current generator (instead of forcing player to uninstall first).

High-level ships no longer show up on intro screen (don't want spoilers!)

IDs should not be affected by acid from sealed containers. [Thanks to Aniki, et al]

Implemented textual “low of fuel” warning. [Thanks to many reports in Forums]

0.9e (25 June 2005)

Fixed a problem with re-entrancy during object events. This caused random instability if the player was docked while other events were firing. [Thanks to Jason Miao]

Fixed Agricultural station exploits. Ag station only sells grains and buys resources/luxury goods. If the station is destroyed, pirates will loot the station. Also, it is now easier to protect the station from attack (fewer Corsair-II attackers).

Fixed a bug which showed the true level of unknown items (e.g., barrels).

Fixed a bug which showed all level IV items as level VI.

0.9d (5 June 2005)

Fixed CMissile crash bug (problem was uninitialized m_FragmentData). Note: This also caused a bug in which some weapons appeared to be fragmentation weapons when they really were not. [Thanks to Fossaman]

Fixed a minor memory leak with CodeChain blocks (symboltable strings were not freed.)

Fixed mouse clicking on item list.

Should not be able to use longzhu sphere on itself.

Fixed typo in Heretic gate text. [Thanks to Fossaman]

Do not assume that all dockable autons move like mules. [Thanks to OddBob]

Squadron commands now include “Wait” command for autons.

Sort longzhu spheres so they show after other fuel items. [Thanks to Fossaman]

Stargates and other indestructible stations should not become radioactive. [Thanks to Jason Miao]

When a mule auton is destroyed, there is a 5% chance that it will not leave a wreck. [Thanks to Frits]

Starton Eridani station now display extra information for novice players.

0.9c (29 May 2005)

New item list user interface.

Label items as “Military” or “Illegal” as appropriate. [Thanks to Fossaman]

Added a new communications system for ordering autons.

Fixed a bug with CSC hospital ships that undervalued medical supplies. [Thanks to Jason Miao]

Enemy ships don't forget about you just because you jump through a gate.

Removed accidental inclusion of radioactive waste in Commonwealth stations. [Thanks to Frits]

Fixed text and graphics of Hanzo blaster to match capabilities. [Thanks to Ponkan]

Superfreight escort mission is now easier (superfreighter has better armor). [Thanks to all in Forums]

Added a cargo auton. [Thanks to OddBob, et al]

PK10 Morningstar is slightly more powerful now.

Hitting wrecks with radiation weapons eventually turns then radioactive. [Thanks to Ponkan]

Added version check to make sure that Transcendence.xml is not used with older versions of Transcendence.exe.

0.9b (1 May 2005)

Fixed bug with wingmen not following player through gate (again). [Thanks to Gannon]

Autons now accept certain orders.

Autons stay closer to player (instead of pursuing every enemy).

Added a couple of new auton types

Ringers now buy promethium crystals. [Thanks to Crom]

Fragmentation weapons do slightly less damage on a direct hit.

Missile ships seek a safe distance to attack.

Fixed a bug where player can end up with two cargo expansions. [Thanks to Fossaman]

Commonwealth stations should not sell illegal items. [Thanks to Colin Freas, Magnus]

Dark acid (Penitent weapons) should be more powerful. [Thanks to Jason Miao]

Fixed bad error message when installing DM600 launcher. [Thanks to OddBob]

Increased chance of encountering Commonwealth Fortress.

Added a new Commonwealth Fortress mission.

Korolov Shipping no longer sends freighters to unpopulated stations (such as gates or nav-signs).

Added debug code to help find crash reported by Dan Ruff.

Added debug code to help find crash reported by Parry X. Zane.

Added debug code to help find problem reported by DJSlayer.

0.9a (31 March 2005)

Fixed bug with wingmen/autons not following player through gate. [Thanks to El FluffyDragon, Gannon, et al]

After insurance claim, make sure player ship is not inside a barrier. [Thanks to Crom]

If jumping out of Battle Arena, player should lose the contest. [Thanks to Crom]

Ringer's collective is a bit more powerful.

Ferians are easier to kill and slightly more common. [Thanks to Sero]

Fixed missing “too many devices” pane in Commonwealth Fortress. [Thanks to Fossaman]

Make sure that Corsair-II ships do not appear in level I systems. [Thanks to Gannon]

LRS no longer shows up in docking screen (to make more room for text).

Added debug code to help find a bug reported by Gannon.

Sometimes two different systems are named “Flauros”.

0.9 (15 March 2005)

Consult this page for a list of game-play enhancements and changes.

Fixed a bug in which Agricultural stations still offered a mission even after mission was completed. [Thanks to Fossaman]

Fixed a bug in which installing armor loses its enhancements. [Thanks to Crom]

Fixed a regression bug with help text. [Thanks to Narok]

Prevent a disposable launcher from being installed if the ship already has a launcher. [Thanks to Crom]

Fixed a crash bug if the player tries to gate-out in the middle of a Commonwealth Fortress mission. [Thanks to Amir Alawi]

Fixed a bug that screws-up the weapons bonus when a cannon accelerator (or other weapon-enhancing device) is installed. [Thanks to Markus Eckert, Colin Freas, et al]

Fixed a problem that caused low frame rates on some video cards [Thanks to fossaman]

Fixed a divide by zero bug when buying radioactive waste. [Thanks to Markus Eckert]

Fixed a bug when installing carbide carapace armor.

Fixed a crash bug in which area weapons did not properly clear their pointers when they destroyed an object.

Fixed a bug in which decaying armor costs more than normal armor. [Thanks to Markus Eckert]

0.8b (30 December 2004)

Fixed a problem with the help screen. [Thanks to Narok]

Added /debugVideo option to help debug video card problems.

Added /debugNonExclusive option to help debug video card problems.

0.8a (14 November 2004)

Now using latest DirectX libraries. Make sure you have the latest version of DirectX installed if you cannot run Transcendence.

Korolov escort missions are now a little easier.

Bonus from laser collimator and cannon accelerator no longer combine. That is, having two laser collimators installed does not give double bonus.

Weapon enhancement ROM now gives +25% damage (used to be less).

Weapon bonus now shows up in cockpit window.

Gating through stargates is now a little easier. [Thanks to Lee Baugh and others]

Armor repair and replacement screens now use arrow keys to move through armor segments.

In dock screens, accelerator key is now highlighted (in yellow).

In dock screens, unavailable options are now disabled (used to be enabled, but did nothing).

Fixed bug in which game hangs if user switches away from app (e.g., accidentally pressing Windows key). [Thanks to Karmic and others]

Fixed bug with laser weapons painting crooked.

Fixed a crash when player gets killed while in 'Use Item' screen. [Thanks to David Bradley]

Fixed a problem when brothers in hotel offer to buy player's smuggling cargo hold. [Thanks to Colin Freas]

Added debug dump in case of crash to track down other bugs.

0.8 (31 July 2004)

Added Xenophobes encounters.

Added Sung Slavers encounters.

Changed Penitent encounters.

Added nebulae star systems.

Fixed problem where entering Captain's Bar in Commonwealth Station hangs the game.

Fixed a problem when exiting the game while docked. [Thanks to Brian Lane]

0.7 (28 November 2003)

Initial public alpha release.

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