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WARNING: An updated version of version history is here

Transcendence Version Archive
The below page is used to find out which Transdata corresponds to which page (and even this list is not exhaustive).

Version History

Alongside the main Windows only version GambitDash started porting Transcendence to Linux. More Informations about the Port may be found HERE

Wiki version of all changelogs is HERE

Transcendence Version History

VersionRelease DateDownload LinkNotes
0.728. November 2003 version, First public release of Transcendence
0.831. July 2004 changelog is available for this version.
0.8a14. November 2004 changelog is available for this version.
0.8b30. December 2004 versionOnly changelog is available for this version.
0.916. March 2005
0.9a31. March 2005 changelog is available for this version.
0.9b1. May 2005 changelog is available for this version.
0.9c29. May 2005 changelog is available for this version.
0.9d5. June 2005 changelog is available for this version.
0.9e25. June 2005 version Only changelog is available for this version.
0.9525. October 2005 version introduced the Wolfen and EI-500 playerships.
0.95a4. November 2005 changelog is available for this version.
0.95b30. November 2005 version
0.967. January 2006
0.96a11. February 2006 version
0.9730. July 2006
0.97a5. November 2006 version
0.9824. May 2007 changelog is available for this version.
0.98a30. May 2007
0.98b9. June 2007
0.98c20. September 2007 was the first version with 40-facing playerships
0.98d5. October 2007 version, First to use GDI for bltting frames instead of Direct X
0.9930. July 2008 version had a number of severe crash bugs
0.99a30. July 2008
0.99b17. August 2008 version is plagued by a severe save-game killing bug
0.99c21. August 2008 version
0.99dNever releasedNot AvailableDespite documentation and the bug trac milestones including a .99d, it was never released
1.0 RC125. October 2009 Candidate, first version to mark the change in release pattern (see note below table)
1.0 RC28. November 2009 Candidate
1.0 RC330. December 2009 Candidate
1.0 RC42. January 2010 Candidate, originally 1.0 was supposed to follow
1.0 RC523. January 2010 Candidate
1.0 RC628. January 2010 Candidate
1.0 RC714. February 2010 Candidate
1.0 RC816. February 2010 Candidate
1.0 RC97. March 2010 Candidate
1.012. March 2010 Version
1.0111. April 2010 Version, First to be supported by OTP, no version string
1.0217. July 2010 Version
1.0329. August 2010 Version
1.0422. December 2010 Version, First to be supported by OTP
1.0511. March 2011 Version
1.0615. June 2011 Version
1.06a1. July 2011 Version
1.0726. November 2011 Version, had a number of regressions impacting gameplay
1.07a30. November 2011 Version
1.0813. March 2012 Version, first version with global highscores and player IDs
1.08a15. March 2012 Version, hotfix for 1.08
1.08b17. March 2012 Version, bug fixes, minor modding features added
1.08c12. July 2012 Version, bug fixes and new modding features, has a glitch preventing in-game sound from playing
1.08d13. July 2012 Version, hotfix for 1.08c
1.08e11. August 2012 Version, introduces api version 12
1.08f12. August 2012 Version, hotfix for 1.08e
1.08fa22. August 2012 Version, hotfix for 1.08f, released by Wolfy with clearance from George

General notes:

With the exception of version 1.01 & pre-modding releases, all non-release candidate and all non-beta releases have a version string that can be used with mods
Up until version 1.0RC1, releases followed a pattern of “Major releases → fixes → last fix (stable release)”. Starting with version 1.01RC1, releases follow a pattern of “Beta & RC releases → Major release (stable) → minor fixes” at which point the cycle begins anew with betas for the next major release.

TransData Version History

Transcendence Screen Saver History

VersionRelease DateDownload LinkNotes
1.014. August 2010The download link was replaced by the 1.0a screensaver link.This version did not correctly scale with screen resolution
1.0a15. August 2010 version uses the same download link as the previous version
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