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Name CRM500 Running Man mine
UNID &itTrackingMine
Level VIII
Base value 500
Mass 150 Kg
Frequency uncommon
Damage thermo:3d12 (3-36) WMD6;
Fire rate 25 (2/second)
Power use 30 (3MW)
Lifetime 2400
Speed 10
Acceleration factor 60
Maneuverability 2
Hitpoints 20
Launcher NAMI mine launcher
Fragment: Missiles 6d12 (6-72)
Damage thermo:2d12 (2-24) WMD6;
Lifetime 8
Speed 40-60

Game Description

“The CRM500 is a tracking thermonuclear mine deployed by the NAMI mine launcher.”

Community Description

When the Fatboy isn't doing it for you, try tracking the enemy with this powerful mine. With a high number of Thermo fragments and 20 times the life of other missiles, the running man mine will send your foes running for cover - except with great WMD power, not even stations are good places to hide.

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