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Name KM110 Starburst missile
UNID &itFragmentationMissile
Level III
Base value 30
Mass 50 Kg
Frequency common
Damage blast:2d6+2 (4-14) momentum2; WMD1
Fire rate 30 (2/second)
Power use 10 (1MW)
Lifetime 120
Speed 45
Maneuverability unguided
Hitpoints 10
Launcher NAMI Missile Launcher
Fragment: Missiles 5d6 (5-30)
Damage kinetic:1d6+2 (3-9) WMD1;
Lifetime 5
Speed 32-48

Game Description

The warhead of this NAMI-compatible missile explodes into more than a dozen high-velocity shards.“

Community Description

This missile, fired by the versatile NAMI missile launcher, explodes on contact, or after a set time, sending fragments flying. On paper, it is less powerful than the KM100 Longbow, however the individual shards deal more damage than the aforementioned missile.

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