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Name KM120 Brute missile
UNID &itKM120Missile
Level III
Base value 60
Mass 150 Kg
Frequency uncommon
Damage blast:10d6 (10-60) momentum4; WMD6;
Fire rate 30 (2/second)
Power use 10 (1MW)
Lifetime 120
Speed 45
Maneuverability unguided
Hitpoints 15
Launcher NAMI Missile Launcher

Game Description

“This is a heavier and more powerful version of the KM100.”

Community Description

The most powerful Level III missile currently in-game, this NAMI-compatible missile deals great station damage at the same speed as the KM110 Starburst Missile. It is stronger and more expensive than the Starburst, but not as common.

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