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Name M5 Nemesis missile
UNID &itM5Missile
Level X
Base value 1000
Mass 500 Kg
Frequency rare
Damage thermo:1d12 (1-12) momentum3; WMD7;
Fire rate 40 (1.3/second)
Power use 100 (10MW)
Lifetime 120
Speed 55
Maneuverability unguided
Hitpoints 40
Launcher NAMI Heavy Launcher
Fragment: Radius
Damage thermo:15d24 (15-360) momentum3; WMD7;
Size 8
Fragment: Missiles 8d20 (8-160)
Damage blast:2d6 (2-12) WMD1;
Lifetime 1d12+12 (13-24)
Speed 25-55

Game Description

“The M5 Nemesis missile is an upgraded version of the M2. It requires the NAMI heavy launcher.”

Community Description

All hell will break loose when this level X missile hits the enemy. With thermo damage through the roof and up to 160 missiles, this missile will effectively deal with any nemesis you have.

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