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These ships can be found transporting illegal goods to and from Black Market or Outlaw stations. They are usually escorted by Zulus, but when transporting enough goods, they can be guarded with Zulu IIs or Oromos instead.

Name T31-class armed transport
UNID &scT31ArmedTransport;
Class T31
Type armed transport
Mass 150
Cargo Space 250
Max Speed 16
Thrust 120
Maneuverability 3
Wreck Chance 75
light plasteel armor X4
Rasiermesser SmartCannon
recoilless cannon
SmartCannon rounds


These ships carry illegal items, and sometimes a black market identification chip. They are normally escorted by Zulus. They can be a challenge for, for example, an EI500 with starting equipment, because of its weak shields/armor and its laser starting weapon (Zulus are twice as hard to kill with lasers). However, with good enough equipment, they become fairly easy. If they are escorted by Zulu IIs or Oromos, it means that they have a lot more illegal items, but be careful, since Zulu IIs have a better weapon and Oromos have stronger armor.

Zulu II
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