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Name Makayev launcher
UNID &itMakayevLauncher
Level V
Base Value 1000
Mass 1000 (1.0 tons)
Frequency common
Fire Rate 6 (10/second)
Power Use 20 (2MW)
Missiles Used
White Strelka missile
Damage blast:3d6 (3-18) momentum2; WMD3
Lifetime 60
Green Strelka missile
Damage blast:4d6+1 (5-25) momentum2; WMD3
Lifetime 60
Red Strelka missile
Damage thermo:3d12 (3-36) momentum3; WMD5
Lifetime 60
Black Strelka missile
Damage thermo:1d12 (1-12) momentum1; WMD3
Lifetime 120
Fragment: Missiles 1d4+12 (13-16)
Damage thermo:1d12 (1-12) momentum1; WMD3
Lifetime 8

Game Description

“The Makayev consists of fast launch tubes compatible with the Strelka series of light missiles.”

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