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Name Green Strelka missile
UNID &itStrelkaGreen
Level VI
Base value 35
Mass 25 Kg
Frequency common
Damage blast:4d6+1 (5-25) momentum2; WMD3;
Fire rate 6 (10/second)
Power use 20 (2MW)
Lifetime 60
Speed 60
Maneuverability unguided
Hitpoints 5
Launcher Makayev Launcher

Game Description

“The Strelka series of light missiles is compatible with the Makayev launcher. The Green Strelka packs more punch than the White version.”

Community Description

Like its cousin, the White Strelka, this missile deals the best damage when fired in large groups. Thankfully, it is quite cheap and well stocked, allowing gunships to stock up easily.

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