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Name PM6 Slicer cannon
UNID &itSlicerCannon
Level VI
Base value 15000
Mass 4000 (4.0 tons)
Frequency notrandom
Damage particle:1d8+1 (2-9)
Fire rate 5 (10/second)
Power use 350 (35MW)
Lifetime 30

Game Description

“A modified particle cannon firing crisscrossing beams.”


It's a Shuriken neutron blaster with crisscrossing firing lines and a slightly higher maximum damage, ok? You'll only find one of these in the game, in the wreck of the Slicer's gunship (if you're extremely lucky), and usually it will be damaged (and thus useless). Technically, this is slightly superior to the Shuriken, as it's possible to concentrate fire on a single segment of armor. In practice, it's not really worth it. but if you find an intact one, and don't have a better weapon, go ahead and use's not bad in charon if you're careful.

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