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Name Shuriken neutron blaster
UNID &itNeutronBlaster
Level V
Base value 8000
Mass 2000 (2.0 tons)
Frequency common
Damage particle 2d4 (2-8)
Fire rate 5 (10/second)
Power use 200 (20MW)
Lifetime 30

Game Description

“The fastest weapon in its price range, the neutron blaster uses a double chamber design to shoot high-energy blasts of neutrons. The Shuriken is manufactured by the Bushido corporation.”


Fast firing, quite damaging to low-level shields with superb effective range as well, this weapon was formerly very well known as the notorious “newbie killer” of Sung wind slaver.

However, since version 0.99 Sung slavers very rarely appear before the Charon system, the newly-added class V deflector is virtually immune to this weapon, and the weapon's lifetime is much shortened (halved, actually) and not just these changes made this weapon no longer a serious threat, they also made it just inferior and obsolete substitution for the dual particle beam weapon, while the price staying the same.
The halved range is especially critical and currently the X-ray laser cannon (which has the same effective range and much better firepower) should generally be a better choice, if available.

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