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Name class V deflector
UNID &itClass5Deflector;
Level V
Base Value 10000
Mass 2500 (2.5 tons)
Frequency notrandom
Hit Points 100
Regeneration Rate 5/30 ticks (10/second)
Power Use 160 (16MW)
Depletion Downtime 16 seconds

Game Description

“High manufacturing costs and poor sales doomed it in the market, but many prefer this vintage deflector over modern imitators.”

Gameplay Notes

This item is notrandom: you won't ever find it as loot or in a shop. It can only be obtained by flying many, many Korolov Missions. Just try not to destroy the Charon Pirates' flagship along the way: as soon as you do that, you will immediately become a “Legend” in the Korolov Company, skipping all lower ranks (and their rewards).

Due to it's high resistance against Laser and Particle damage, it compares well even to the military-grade Yoroi MX shield generator. When supplemented by some kind of missile defense (to deal with blast), the class V shield will last you until Ion damage becomes common – by that time, 100MW shields should be readily available.

Performance Matrix

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