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Name Lazarus shield generator
UNID &itLazarusShieldGenerator
Level X
Base value 50000
Mass 2500 (2.5 tons)
Frequency rare
Hit Point 60
Regen rate 72/second (12/10ticks)
Power use 9000 (900MW)

“The Lazarus is an experimental shield generator. It has a phenomenal generation rate, but it consumes almost prohibitive amounts of power.”


Presumably this is the most powerful, yet most useless shield generator.
Despite its hit-point is pretty low, it provides super-powerful defense with ridiculously fast regenaration rate, virtually impervious to any attack (though Sung slavers' cyberattack is still effective, and actually not invulnerable to brutal station explosions).
But no reactor other than the Hyperion reactor can power the generator, and even with the reactor it eats up most of the power generated, severely limiting use of other devices. In addition, it is too advanced to apply the ShieldEfficiency cube.
Even when you decide to sell it at a nearby store, it is very cheap for a level X shield!

In version 0.99 and later, there's some trick to use this shield and secure some power, but still you can't really use this and IM90 or Lamplighter at the same time.

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