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Name Invincible-class deflector
UNID &itInvincibleDeflector
Level VI
Base value 13000
Mass 6000 (6·0 tons)
Frequency rare
Hit points 90
Regeneration rate 4/30ticks (about 8/second)
Power use 300 (30MW)
Depletion downtime 36 seconds
Manufacturer not listed
Special traits Military

“The Invincible-class deflector is extremely powerful. Its one flaw is that it disables all other ship systems when it collapses.”

Gameplay Notes

Don't be fooled by the lowly 90HP of this shield: it has insane resistances, so in terms of effective hitpoints and regeneration, it's much better than the Yoroi MX, actually it comes pretty close to the Plasma Shield – at 1/3rd the power consumption.

That said, it is by no means strong enough to keep you out of harm's way at all times. It will fail at the most inopportune times, disabling all other devices as it does so. Whether you want to deal with that is up to you. It should however be noted that AI-controlled ships can cope with this just nicely. So if you're running a mod that allows you change your wingmen's equipment, go ahead and let them have this shield.

Performance Matrix

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