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Name Jotun deflector
UNID &itJotunDeflector
Level IX
Base value 110000
Mass 5000 (5.0 tons)
Frequency rare
Hit Point 100-400
Regen rate 16/second (8/30ticks)
Power use 1200 (120-300MW)
Traits adjustable

“This alien shield generator has controls to adjust its strength.”


A unique shield generator which you can control its output strength (by [u]sing it when it is in-use).
It first appears as a level VII unknown shield (as is Iocrym veil).

Even with this unique feature, this shield generator is rather ineffective, because at the lowest level it's no more powerful than the plasma shield generator, and at higher levels it basically is a weaker or power-hungry substitution for the Iocrym veil, which usually you don't have any good reason to use.
Also note that if the reactor in your ship is powerful enough to install this shield generator but weaker than its maximum output, once you increase its level and overloaded, it will instantly shut itself down and you'll have no means to use it or set it to weaker levels again (until you get a better reactor, at least).

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