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Wind Slaver

Similar to the Corsair, Xenophobe fighter, and Sandstorm, the Wind slaver is a fast ship with weak armor and somewhat good weapons when it first appears. However, it is even faster than those ships, and is quite hard to hit.

Name Wind Slaver
UNID &scWindSlaver;
Class Wind slaver
Type ““
Score 235
Mass 50
Cargo Space 10
Max Speed .30c
Thrust 400
Maneuverability 1
Wreck Chance 35%
Light sung armor X4
Shuriken neutron blaster


Particle resistant shields and armor helps against the weapon, and to hit the ship, a fast turn rate and a good aim can work, an omnidirectional weapon is better, and a tracking weapon such as KM500 Stiletto missiles or the Rasiermesser SmartCannon is best.

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