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Name stealth armor segment
UNID &itStealthPlate;
Level VI
Base Value 2500
Mass 3500 (3.5 tons)
Frequency rare
Hit Points 135
Photo Repair false
Causes Shield Interference false
Recharges Reactor false
Has Stealth Capabilities 10
Immune to Radiation false
Immune to Disintegration false

Game Description

“The special geometry and coatings of this armor provide a ship with a greatly reduced signature in most standard scanners.”


If you have a full set of this, you won't show up on scanners if you are more than 30ls away. Likewise, if an enemy is equipped with it, you won't detect it beyond 30ls.

Performance Matrix

Damage Type Laser Kinetic Particle Blast Ion Thermo Positron Plasma Antimatter Nano Graviton Singularity Dark Acid Dark Steel Dark Lightning Dark Fire
Adjusted Hp (%) 615 615 65 65 0 0 0 0 0 0 -20 -20 -50 -50 -65 -65

Stealth Mechanics

From the forums:

Each ship has perception defined in its AISettings. Standard playerships have 4.

Armor segments (seem to) have a default stealth value of 4, unless overriden. For example, stealth armor has 6.

Ships have stealth value equal to the armor segment with the least stealth value. For example, a ship with three segments of stealth armor and one segment of blast plate has a stealth value of 4, not 6.

Ships in nebula have a +2 bonus to stealth and a -4 malus to their perception.

When a source ship's perception and its target ship's stealth match, the source can see the target up to range 100 away.

When the difference betweeen (source's) perception and (target's) stealth is non-zero, maximum detection range is modified by roughly 50% per level, to a minimum of 6 or a maximum of 500.

When target exceeds detection range, it will disappear from LRS and cannot be targeted (even if mostly visible onscreen). If range is close enough to be visible on your screen, the target may flicker if it is only a short distance past detection range. Further away, the target is almost completely invisible.

difference = perception - stealth

difference max range
-4 6
-3 13
-2 25
-1 50
0 100
1 150
2 225
3 340
4+ 500
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