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Charon Pirate Frigate

Description: Feared greatly in the early game as a big, nasty ship, it can do wonders on anything that has low-level shields and armor. These ships are great for tearing early playerships and freighters apart easily, as well as call for more gunship support when their flimsy Corsairs are down.

Name Charon Pirate Frigate
UNID &scCharonFrigateRaider;
Class Charon Frigate
Type ““
Score 540
Mass 1000
Cargo Space 1000
Max Speed .18c
Thrust 250
Maneuverability 10
Wreck Chance 85%
Advanced reactive armor X12
Turbolaser cannon X4
85% chance of KM500 Stiletto missiles
15% chance of KM110 Starburst missiles


The player should NOT engage this ship unless he/she knows what to do and how to take this ship down. One way is to attack the rear of the ship, where the engines are, and use the fact that the turbolasers can't shoot directly behind. Not only are the turbolasers neutralized, weapons fire coming from the playership can also down any missiles coming its way.

Spoiler Warning

After you've killed several pirate frigates, the stronger Kronosaurus frigate will try to kill you.

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