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The Kronosaurus is a special ship that appears when the player has killed 4 frigates. Taking down the Kronosaurus also leads to a quick jump in Korolov rank for some reason, and prevents the player from taking any more missions. Also, it is the only frigate that has no gunships escorting it.

Name Charon
UNID &scCharonFrigateKronosaurus;
Class Charon frigate
Type ““
Score 620
Mass 1000
Cargo Space 1000
Max Speed .18c
Thrust 250
Maneuverability 10
Wreck Chance 85%
Blast plate X12
Turbolaser cannon X4
NAMI missile launcher *omnidirectional
KM500 Stiletto missiles


As with everything in Transcendence, shoot at it from far away and out of range. It that isn't feasible, then another (albeit more fun and dangerous) approach is to close in to the ship and blast it with everything - a PK25 Morning star cannon +fast may do the trick as its wide spread means it can also hit the stilettos coming towards the playership. Make sure to dodge the turbolaser shots while closing in though, they do pack a punch in early game.

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