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The reactor is the heart of every spacecraft. At the beginning of the game each ship has a built-in standard weak reactor, respectively:

Shipclass Reactor Power
Wolfen-class gunship10MW Wolfen reactor.
Sapphire-class yacht 15MW Saphire reactor.
EI500-class freighter25MW EI500 reactor.

Below is a list of reactors available ingame:

Nova-25 reactor

Nova-50 reactor

Nova-100 reactor

150NX reactor

SN2500 reactor

Koshiba-500 reactor

Hyperion reactor

As you can see, the reactor has a panel in the game interface. In the upper left corner there are two bars, green indicates fuel level, and yellow, the load of the reactor at the moment. When the green indicator comes to the left means that you have run out of fuel. The ship can be refueled at the nearest station or from the cockpit panel. The blue panel indicates the name of the reactor and its power in mega watts (MW).

The more devices installed on the ship, the greater will be the load power of the reactor. Also the reactor can be overloaded. In this case, it will disable devices that were previously enabled to reduce reactor usage.

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