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Antares I

The Antares I is only available to Masters in Korolov Shipping, and due to the lack of shields, light armor, weak weapon, and large amounts of cargo, it is the hardest Korolov ship to escort. It is the first in the Antares series, the next is the better-armored Antares II. Unlike the EI series, these ships have no shields and lighter armor, but they can carry much more cargo, and they have non-critical armor segments.

Name Antares I-class freighter
UNID &scAntaresI;
Class Antares I
Type freighter
Score 100
Mass 1000
Cargo Space 6000
Max Speed .08c
Thrust 600
Maneuverability 20
Wreck Chance 100%
heavy titanium armor X12, Non-critical X8
recoilless cannon *omnidirectional


This is the hardest ship to escort when working for Korolov Shipping. No shields, light armor, weak weapon, valuable cargo. It is only available to Masters, though, so it may never need to be escorted.

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