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Antares II

Better armored and armed than the Antares I, this ship is available to Journeymen in Korolov Shipping. It is faster than both the Antares I and the next in the series, the Antares V. It is usually seen transporting goods in various star systems.

Name Antares II-class freighter
UNID &scAntaresII;
Class Antares II
Type freighter
Score 140
Mass 1200
Cargo Space 6000
Max Speed .12c
Thrust 1200
Maneuverability 20
Wreck Chance 100%
Light plasteel armor X12, Non-critical X8
Heavy recoilless cannon *omnidirectional X2


This ship will need to be carefully escorted, it has no shield and fairly light armor. Even though this ship has some non critical armor segments, it is very fragile and cannot fight back as well as the EI7000 or Antares V can.

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