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The EI7000 is available to Journeymen in Korolov Shipping. This large freighter is effective at both hauling cargo and surviving pirate attacks. Sporting a turbolaser, as well as better armor and shields than the EI100/200s, the only pirate attacks that could take this down would be a meeting with a pirate frigate or a large swarm of Corsair IIs.

Name EI7000
UNID &scEI7000;
Class EI7000
Type freighter
Score 535
Mass 850
Cargo Space 2000
Max Speed .12c
Thrust 1000
Maneuverability 6
Wreck Chance 100%
Advanced reactive armor X12
Class III deflector
Turbolaser cannon *omnidirectional


Not many early ships threaten this freighter, and it can actually fend for itself very effectively. Just be wary of the aforementioned frigate and swarms of Corsair IIs and the player should be able to escort this ship with no problem at all.

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