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The EI100 may be the first ship to be escorted should the player choose to work for Korolov Shipping, since it is available to Apprentices. This ship is shielded and armed, which means it will most likely survive an encounter with weak pirates, but is not invincible and may die to stronger ones if not attended to.

Name EI100-class freighter
UNID &scEI100;
Class “EI100”
Type freighter
Score 85
Mass 100
Cargo Space 250
Max Speed .12c
Thrust 200
Maneuverability 6
Wreck Chance 75%
Light reactive armor X4
Class I deflector
Laser cannon *omnidirectional


It works surprisingly well for a freighter against Corsairs, but will fare poorly against the shielded pirate ships and frigates.

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