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Antares V

The Antares V, available to Journeymen in Korolov Shipping, is the best armed Korolov freighter, better than the EI7000, and it has the most cargo capacity of any Korolov freighter, more than the Antares I and II. Used mainly as background fluff, it is of low importance unless on escorted by the player on a Korolov mission.

Name Antares V
UNID &scAntaresV;
Class Antares V
Type superfreighter
Score 380
Mass 2000
Cargo Space 10000
Max Speed .08c
Thrust 1200
Maneuverability 20
Wreck Chance 100%
Light plasteel armor X24, Non-critical X18
AK15 Partisan cannon *omnidirectional X3


Although it has 3 Partisan cannons, by the time these ships show up, coupled with a lack of shields and a slow speed, this ship will have a hard time trying to stay alive under fire. Needs constant attention so that it doesn't die.

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